Bringing a Little Whimzy to Unravel

It’s currently all systems go for Unravel so I’m really excited to be able to start sharing some of what to expect! Did you see the big announcement? We’re so excited about how many exclusives we’ve managed to secure for you. One of them is yarn from Whimzy. You won’t be able to get your hands on this yarn anywhere else at the venue. What’s more, it’s Whimzy’s first appearance at Unravel so we’re responsible for a debut!

How's a knitter to choose?

How’s a knitter to choose?

First of all I should introduce Whimzy to you all. Whimzy is a continuation of the Socktopus adventure. The original set up included Alice Yu (the original owner and creator) with Ling, her right-hand-woman in dyeing. When Alice left for Hong Kong, she handed Ling the reins and Ling doesn’t seem to have looked back since! Ling has continued to stock classic ranges, such as Sokkusu O, as well as most of the existing colourways. The really exciting part is that Ling has begun to expand, developing new yarn lines and colours. And we get to feature these at Unravel!

So, let’s talk about YARN shall we for a moment?

Stay Awhile greys

Stay Awhile in subtle greys of Sokkusu O

Sokkusu O is already an established favourite for many knitters and it’s not hard to see why. This 100% Superwash Merino is custom milled to give a unique twist. You simply won’t find another yarn like it. The firm twist means fabulous stitch definition. And that Merino? Well, you just don’t get softer and smoother than Merino. This Merino is definitely next-to-skin soft, and super-smooth. My most surprising discovery, however, was that it makes the most incredible fabric when knit on larger needles. On 4mm/US 6, it has the most fabulous drape.

This makes Sokkusu O brilliant for Stay Awhile. This reversible shawl with a curious construction is THE shawl with which to show off fabulous hand dyed colour. The colours offered by Whimzy are really intense which means no one puts this shawl in the corner! By combining the unique way the hand-dyes shift across the yarn, with the stripes in the shawl, you can create a real crowd pleaser. What’s more, you can do so with a modest budget because Sokkusu O is priced at £15 per skein.

This pattern and yarn combination is so popular that I now have FOUR samples and half my knitting group is making them! There’s something really addictive and instantly gratifying about Stay Awhile that knitters just seem to want to try more and more colours. I can’t wait to help visitors to the stand choose which two skeins to combine! Something smooth and mellow like the sample above in greys? Or perhaps something bolder and more firey like this version in orange and earth tones?

Stay Awhile Sokkusu O

Stay Awhile in fiery Sokkusu O

 I know some knitters want to treat themselves to something a little luxurious and extra special at Fibre events. Fear not! I have a second Whimzy Yarn that is just perfect for those in need of a luxury fix on a not so decadent budget.

Silkie Merino is a fingering weight yarn, made up of 50% Superwash Merino and 50% Silk. When I discovered that Ling was branching out from the core Sokkusu range into other bases, I was really keen to try Silkie for the very first Knit Night sample. It turned out beautifully. Don’t you think?

With a good yardage (400m), just one skein is that little bit of what you fancy as a treat next Knit Night. Again, we’ve secured something special at a great price. Silkie is just £17 per skein [NB updated with new price 16 Feb 2014] and Knit Night only requires a skein to achieve. It’s just that little hit of luxury we all need from time to time.

Knit Night, is a pattern that lets the semi solid colours of the Silkie really shine. Between the silk, the subtle hand dyed colour and the full-on eyelets and beads? You’ve got your perfect day-to-evening, look covered. I love it!

Knit Night

Sophisticated shades of Knit Night in Whimzy Silkie

This sample just has so much subtle depth. And combined with the beads and full on eyelet border? It feels simply special. I bet it’s a real crowd pleaser at the show. Silkie is a great example of what you can achieve with just one skein and some knit friends for company. I’m thrilled to be giving Silkie its premiere at Unravel.

I can’t wait to see you there! Have you got your ticket yet? Don’t worry if you haven’t as we’re giving you the chance to win a weekend pass. You can enter on Ravelry AND Facebook to double your chances of winning. The winner will be chosen at random from all the posts in the thread. You can post as many times as you like to maximise your chances to win.  Good luck!

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