Love to learn from Louise or have her teach at your shop or yarn show? Louise’s workshops are informative and fun and approachable – just like Louise herself.

Knit Play Colour

Based on the concepts explored in Louise’s book, Knit Play Colour workshop is sets out to find answers to the questions, How can you create gorgeous colour combinations? How can you pull together a collection of scraps, or use that impulse-buy skein from your stash? How do wools and other fibres influence colour? Going beyond the colour wheel, this workshop explores how to combine colours with confidence and gets hands-on by encouraging participants to bring in their own yarns for the discussion.

Substituting Yarn

Want to feel more confident about choosing yarn, whether impulse buying a skein at a show or a shop or choosing yarn for a special project? The aim of this workshop is to help you match yarns to patterns, to give you the best chance of making a beautiful finished project. Don’t want to use the yarn specified in the pattern? Not sure what kind of project would suit a beloved yarn? This workshop mixes a little bit of theory with plenty of examples to help answer these questions.



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