Brit Yarn: shop profile

It’s always a good day when a new yarn shop opens but I have to say that I was positively twitching with excitement over when I received a press release about the opening of the UK’s latest online yarn shop, BritYarn. While many shops in the UK (both online and bricks and mortar)  carry British wool options for their customers, BritYarn owner Isla Davison has made ‘provenance, principles, and pro-British’ the complete focus of her new shop.


If the buzz on social media is anything to go by, the response has been tremendous! I asked Isla if I could profile her shop on the blog. Our conversation is below – read on and enjoy!

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Summer holiday knitting: project planning


It’s Allison here today as Louise is only just back from the photoshoot from her book. It went supremely well and I know she’s hoping to show you a few sneaky snaps next week once she’s had a chance to sift through the photographs!

Louise and I were chatting recently about her deadline to finish the book before the upcoming summer holidays. I said I hoped that she was going to have time for some knitting that wasn’t book-related and it kicked off a discussion about how we plan our holiday knitting. I’m off to Canada for four weeks this summer so I’ve found I have to be quite strategic with my planning too – although I’m always overly optimistic about how much knitting will actually get done! We thought it would fun to share our own plans and tips – and we invite you to share yours with us.

A little yarn ball winding on the beach?!

A little yarn ball winding on the beach?! Why not?

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Cottons: three mini yarn reviews

Summer seems to have finally arrived in the UK! With the warmer weather the challenge for me has always been to find something nice and light to knit with. Usually this means cotton for me, although I tend to be quite fussy!

I’ve asked Alli to weigh in with me on her thoughts about cotton, as she’s knit with quite a lot of it lately too.  We reviewed three different cottons – Rowan Handknit Cotton, Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Cotton, and Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Cotton. We’d love to hear what others you might be working with this summer. A few others have crossed our desks too, so hopefully we’ll have a follow up review of those a little later on this summer. Continue reading

Are the samples photo-ready?

I’m up to my elbows in samples this week. The photo shoot is in ten days time. I’m panicking about the amount of time I’m spending writing only a few words here rather than sewing in ends and blocking! The living-room floor is covered in blocking mats, which my kids are doing well to avoid.

I’ve got a styling session planned with a couple of friends on Tuesday. We’ll try to make outfits work and organise the themes I’ve got going on.

Playing with colours: Eden Cottage Yarns Bedale Oak, Fyberspates Vivacious 4ply Verdigris, EasyKnits Zip Light Earthern swatch, Fyberspates Gleem Lundy Island.

Playing with colours: Eden Cottage Yarns Bedale Oak, Fyberspates Vivacious 4ply Verdigris, EasyKnits Zip Light Earthern swatch, Fyberspates Gleem Lundy Island.

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The Loopy Ewe: shop profile


Sheri and family

 Today’s shop profile takes us across the pond – all the way to Colorado! – to the home of The Loopy Ewe. Around since 2006, The Loopy Ewe is both a bricks and mortar, and an online shop run by Sheri Berger and her family – and the depth and breadth of the products they carry is HUGE!

The Loopy Ewe has also built a strong community, both around their store and online, with fun events like their weekly knit night, classes, retreats, and subscription clubs (which I’ve had the pleasure of designing for!). Visiting The Loopy Ewe has long been on my wishlist, even more so after working on this profile! Read on to learn from Sheri what makes The Loopy Ewe so special. Continue reading