Uh oh… now what?

And things were going so well too!

I’m a bit frustrated this week. I help to coach a young women’s basketball team (I’m not frustrated about that, it’s great fun!) and last weekend at practice there was an accident involving a basketball and my hand, well, thumb. I just thought it was bruised but as the evening wore on and it rapidly turned black, it was time to go for an x-ray. And came home with this:

Since posting this photo on Instagram earlier in the week I have tried knitting but only with limited success. It’s slow going and too painful to really feel like I’m accomplishing anything or get any enjoyment out of it.

Is there anything more annoying than being forced to scale things back when your plans change? I’ve managed to get the advent calendar up – minus the Santas, which I hope to have ready by the 24th if I take the time to heal now. I figure the other things will be a nice surprise later on and my kids will understand – I hope!

In the meantime I’ve been trying to get all the Christmas-y non-knitting jobs done  now so that when my hand is feeling a little better I’ll have more time for the knitting, even if it’s a little slower. That’s the theory anyway! If only everything else wasn’t soooooo sssssslllllloooooowwwww! Sigh.

At the very least I’ve decide that I should look at this as an opportunity to be thankful that it wasn’t worse (!) and to not look askance at the gift of quiet reflection during what is a stressful period for many. I’m sure there’s a lesson in there that I could find if I wasn’t stressed about not being able to get things done as quickly as I normally do!

If any of you have time in what I’m sure is an equally busy time for you, would you mind sharing me your tips for staying calm over the holiday…when you can’t just knit through it?

One thought on “Uh oh… now what?

  1. hope you will be well soon its irritating 😠 when you cant use your thump. you ll see time goes so quick and then you are fine again. may be you have had a little stress when the accident happened. best wishes, ursula


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