What’s hot right now?


Rivulet Cowl

Well, apparently the lovely cowl I just designed was officially hot last night, at least according to Ravelry. The Rivulet Cowl made the top 20 most viewed patterns list yesterday evening. So exciting! Writing today, 36hrs after I published the pattern, it’s been favourites 89 times, is in 24 queues and I’ve sold some too.

However, it wasn’t such plain sailing with the sample knitting.

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Stalking a Cardigan

I don’t know about you, but I expect someone else’s cardigan has occasionally caught your eye. Maybe it’s just me. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s just me who would actually stalk a cardigan around her daughter’s gym class. My cardigan-wearing is admittedly somewhat obsessive. I mean, I know sweaters exist but let’s not get into that right now.

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It’s a secret

I’m thrilled to have heard that I’ve got my first magazine commission from Knit Now. Obviously I can’t tell you what it is yet…you will have to buy the June issue and find out! But what I will say is that I will write a pattern to use up the rest of the deeply gorgeous skein of yarn. If time is on my side I’ll also design a few gorgeous things to go with it too. I’m off to do the nitty gritty of the pattern and sample….and dream a little about what will go with it….shhh.