DSC_8602Despite my very best efforts, inevitably there are occasional errors or omissions, for which I can only apologise wholeheartedly. I am sorry for any frustration or wasted knitting time that any errata might have caused you.

If you think you have found a mistake which isn’t listed here, or something which would benefit from clarification, please do let me know.

I am aware of the following errors, or points in need of clarification from my current pattern range. All errata listed below have already been corrected in the patterns available to download – I like to keep them up to date & accurate (patterns listed alphabetically):

Foolproof: Inspiration Stripe

V1: In Clue 2, the number of stripe repeats recommended was too few. It should read: Ideally, size M will have 7 stripe repeats and size L will have 5 stripe repeats (larger needles means fewer repeats). Corrected in V2 & V2.1 of the pattern.

V1, 2 & 2.1: Clue 3: Slip the first st at the start of every row.

Ironbridge Cowl

V1: At the very end of the charted instructions on page 4, Rnd 28-35 should say: As Rnd 27. (i.e. it should be rib between the cabled panels, as setup in the previous Rnd!) The written instructions pages were/are correct. Corrected in V2 of the pattern.

Midnight Ocean

Version on “Vivacious” template has no known errata.

1) The original version has  two tiny errors. This version was available on Ravelry and in print from its launch until 27April 2012. If you bought the pattern on Ravelry you should have received update information and the corrected pdf v1.1. The corrected version was contained in the All at Sea ebook from its launch.

A) Rnd 84 of the written instructions is missing a second bracket at the start.

It should start Rnd 84: ((…..

B) I would like to clarify the 3rd section notes, which refer to Rnd 31. This is Rnd 31 in the Breakers Transition chart, which is Rnd 85 of the written instructions.

2) The original version and v1.1 contain a row-numbering error in the written instructions, and I thank the eagle-eyed knitter who spotted this:

Medium Waves says Rnds 20-54: Work….. – this is correct.

But the numbering below starts with Rnd 21. It should list Rnd 20, 21, 22 etc to Rnd 26. And then say:

Rnd 27-54: Rep rnds 20-26 four times more (5 times total). 128 sts

I don’t think I’m being over-confident when I say that I think this is a non-fatal error, so I will give it a few weeks before I issue an update in case anything else comes to light in this time. If you think I have this wrong, please do tell me.

3) V1.2, which fixed the Medium Waves row numbering, has an error where these rows are referred back to later in the pattern. The old row numbers are still there. So, near the end of the pattern it should read:

Medium waves – lapping on the shore
Rnds 115-135: Work rnds 1-7 of Medium Waves chart (given previously) three times OR work rnds 20-26 of the written instructions for Medium Waves three times.

Song of the Sea

V1: “Tension” needle size should be US 6, not US7. Corrected in V2 of the pattern.

V1 & 2: Page 2, Tiny Waves, the stitch count at the end of Rnd 3 only applies to the snug cowl and should not be there. For the long cowl you have 256 sts throughout the pattern. This erroneous stitch count note is removed in V2.1

V3: Medium Waves – should start: Work Rnds 1-7 of Medium Waves 5 (3) times in total.

Sunrise Mug Hug

Missing from the abbreviations list: pfb – purl front and back. Correct in current download version.

Yarn Tamer

Errata in first edition of printed book only. This errata is already corrected in the ebook download v1.2, which is the first available ebook to download from Ravelry, LoveKnitting etc:

Start Border – Rnds 9-14 should be repeats of the moss pattern established, continuing in Tame. Row numbering error caused by me “improving” the row numbering at the very last minute. Entirely my fault! Rnds 9-14 should read:

Rnds 9-14: Rep Rnds 7-8 three more times.

10 thoughts on “Errata

  1. I am asking about the medium waves…lapping on the shore. The directions say rounds 1-7 of chart or 21 -27 of instructions. Round 1 of chart is not the same as 21 of instructions. Which is correct?

    • Hi there, I’m sorry to hear that. I think you’re knitting Midnight Ocean?

      The directions should say rounds 1-7 of chart or 20-26 of instructions.

      There was a previous quick fix to the row-numbering (rows 20-26 had been previously mis-numbered 21-27) and I had forgotten the rows were referred back to again later in the pattern, sorry. I’ll add this to the errata and update the Ravelry pattern. I appreciate you bringing this to my attention, thank you.

  2. Well, I am still learning the ropes. I purchased the original pattern for Song of the Sea quite a while ago. I am finally thinking about starting it, but I can’t seem to find out how to get the newer version. I am not very experienced and think starting with the larger waves might be helpful. Thank you. Nancy Snyder

    • Hi Nancy, if you purchased the pattern through Ravelry you should have received an email from Ravelry telling you that the pattern has been updated. There will be a link to download the new version. Alternatively, it will be in your Ravelry pattern library – there will be a button at the left showing that a pattern you have bought has been updated, so you can change the version in your library. Automatic pattern updates only work through Ravelry (electronically).

      Hope that helps.

  3. On the Song of the Sea Pattern Medium Waves the instructions are: Work Rnds 1-8 of Medium Waves 5 (3) times in total. In the written instructions and the chart there are only 7 rounds….can you help me with this?

    • Sorry, you’re right, it should start Work Rnds 1-SEVEN of Medium Waves 5 (3) times in total. I’ve added it to the errata list and will update the pattern. Thank you so much for telling me.

  4. Hi! I just purchased Song of the Sea from ravelry. It appears to be the original version rather than the updated. I keep seeing posts about alternative edgings and weights to get the most of your yarn but my pdf and Bly talked about the 1×4 traditional rib and no mention of how to weigh & plan. How do I obtain the revised version? Thanks!

    • Hi Janette – the updated version should also be in your Ravelry library. Sounds like you may have downloaded the older version by mistake!

  5. Thanks for the response! I found English version had all of the new, alternative information. I’m through the border and into my first set of waves!

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