Spinning a Yarn

My first handspun yarn

My first handspun yarn

I know I’ve mentioned previously that I’m in awe of handspinners. For my first attempt at spinning a yarn, I wanted to make something really luxurious and indulgent.

May I present to you the first skein of yarn I’ve spun; I love the rich chocolatey sheen! It’s just so silky. Continue reading

PAINTED: Inspiration found at Agawa Canyon


Painted in Agawa Canyon colours

I am thrilled to reveal Painted, my new scarf design for The Loopy Ewe. I was very excited when Sheri invited me to design for her Spring Giftables Club, and eagerly anticipated the arrival of Sheri’s chosen yarn. Continue reading

On Beading (Part 1)

Stay Awhile

Stay Awhile, with beaded picots

I am often reluctant to write on technical subjects because there is so much already out here. However, I thought a handy one-page pdf might be useful addition to a project bag, whether you print it out or add it to your electronic library. So, you can download your handy one-sheet reference here – Beading tutorial –

Or…just keep reading. I know I don’t always want to go digging around in a pdf, so the information is also right here on this blog post. OK, so I’ve embellished (pun intended) the tutorial a little since I’m not so limited by space.

Continue reading