The Loopy Ewe: shop profile


Sheri and family

 Today’s shop profile takes us across the pond – all the way to Colorado! – to the home of The Loopy Ewe. Around since 2006, The Loopy Ewe is both a bricks and mortar, and an online shop run by Sheri Berger and her family – and the depth and breadth of the products they carry is HUGE!

The Loopy Ewe has also built a strong community, both around their store and online, with fun events like their weekly knit night, classes, retreats, and subscription clubs (which I’ve had the pleasure of designing for!). Visiting The Loopy Ewe has long been on my wishlist, even more so after working on this profile! Read on to learn from Sheri what makes The Loopy Ewe so special. Continue reading