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4 thoughts on “Contact

    • Thank you for your comment. I know knitters are divided over cowls vs scarves vs shawls, but I like all of them! I design for all 3 options.

      I’m glad you like Song of the Sea. The design is patterned on every row, so whilst it’s possible to make flat it’s quite awkward – it’s hard to “read” on the wrong side rows. When made in the round, as in a cowl, it’s always being worked with the right side facing the knitter. Some people have adapted the pattern themselves already. However, I’m being asked increasingly for a scarf or shawl version, so maybe now is the time to see what I can do to adapt it!

  1. Hello…. What a fun MKAL, thanks! Did I miss something? On ravelry, it has that the hat is free with a MKAL code…. Was there one? Thanks have a great day….

    • There was a code given as a thank-you to the knitters who joined in the chat, gave helpful pattern feedback, shared tips, shared yarn choices and generally made it such fun – on the Ravelry forums.

      The final patterns reflect all this, especially the pattern feedback, so I felt a thank-you was in order. Without the forum discussions there would be, for example, no photo tutorials for everyone else to use.

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