Ally Pally Anticipation

I’m so excited about the Knitting and Stitching Show later this week, Thursday to Sunday. This year I’ve got to wait until Saturday until I can go and I’m not sure how I’ll manage to wait that long! I know there are other shows out there, but I live in London so the big stash enhancement event for me is the annual pilgrimage to Alexandra Palace (Ally Pally) for what they claim to be “the best textile exhibition in Europe”. What am I looking forward to seeing in amongst all that choice?

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Angry of Twickenham

I’ve just spent an age writing a lovely preview of the forthcoming Ally Pally yarn event….and now the blog website has eaten my homework complete with zillions of little linkies and photos that I could only add after I transferred my text here. Apparently publishing my post was an “invalid request”, whatever that means. I tried to click on help, which was useless, so I clicked to go straight “back” and my draft was gone. All of it. Every last picture and link.

At least with knitting if it all goes wrong you still have a pile of yarn rather than a blank screen. Which is what I just got. Sigh. Stick to the knitting, I say. Time to go to bed and try again tomorrow.