1/1 RX – photo tutorial

I want to share a complete set of photo tutorials for all the special stitches used In a Slipstream of Colour, so here is the final one…ironically for the first part of the pattern, but in time for the Ravelry pattern launch tomorrow!

I originally abbreviated this mock cable to 1/1 RC – 1/1 Right Cross, in the free version of the pattern. But the “C” in this stitch probably should have stood for Confusion, not Cross. This is NOT cabling without a cable needle.

Therefore, I’ve renamed the stitch 1/1 RX – 1/1 Right Crossover, to differentiate it in the Ravelry pattern. I expect it’s really an unvention, but I’ve yet to find it described elsewhere online.

I use this stitch because it best follows the other textures I chose for this design. It’s like a warm-up for the second part of the pattern, which itself is designed to flow nicely into the third section.  Continue reading