Tangled Yarn: shop profile

It’s been a while since we’ve had a shop profile on the blog and I was missing them. I thought it might be nice to profile an online shop again, especially as THAT time of year is quickly approaching! Tangled Yarn is a fantastically well-rounded online yarn store in the UK – although they ship internationally too – and have a reputation for excellent customer service. Read on for my interview with owner Rachel Owen who tells us more about her shop, her customers, and her yarns!

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A Yarn Story: shop profile

I’ve been hearing a lot about A Yarn Story – mostly through Yarn in the City, Allison, as well as seeing Carmen’s photos of her new shop on Instagram. Owned by expat American Carmen Schmidt, A Yarn Story is a beautifully curated shop that sells online, as well as from their bricks and mortar space in Bath’s charming artisan quarter. Looking at the photos it’s hard to believe that the shop isn’t even a year old yet! I’m always excited by a new shop, and asked Carmen to answer some questions for our next shop profile.


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The Purple Purl: shop profile

It’s Allison here again as Louise is off-the-grid on a camping trip with her family since wrapping up THE BOOK! Today we’ve got a shop profile for you that’s near and dear to my heart, as it’s my own LYS from Toronto, Canada – The Purple Purl. Run by business partners Jen and Miko, the shop is an unabashed celebration of the knitting community, Canadian yarns and creativity. I might not have become a knitter if I hadn’t found this wonderful shop!


Jen took some time recently to answer our questions so that we could share a profile with you of this ‘purl’ of a shop!

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Brit Yarn: shop profile

It’s always a good day when a new yarn shop opens but I have to say that I was positively twitching with excitement over when I received a press release about the opening of the UK’s latest online yarn shop, BritYarn. While many shops in the UK (both online and bricks and mortar)  carry British wool options for their customers, BritYarn owner Isla Davison has made ‘provenance, principles, and pro-British’ the complete focus of her new shop.


If the buzz on social media is anything to go by, the response has been tremendous! I asked Isla if I could profile her shop on the blog. Our conversation is below – read on and enjoy!

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The Loopy Ewe: shop profile


Sheri and family

 Today’s shop profile takes us across the pond – all the way to Colorado! – to the home of The Loopy Ewe. Around since 2006, The Loopy Ewe is both a bricks and mortar, and an online shop run by Sheri Berger and her family – and the depth and breadth of the products they carry is HUGE!

The Loopy Ewe has also built a strong community, both around their store and online, with fun events like their weekly knit night, classes, retreats, and subscription clubs (which I’ve had the pleasure of designing for!). Visiting The Loopy Ewe has long been on my wishlist, even more so after working on this profile! Read on to learn from Sheri what makes The Loopy Ewe so special. Continue reading

Purlescence: shop profile

purlescence-logo The kids go back to school today, so it’s a quick post for my first day back at work but happily another yarn shop profile!

Purlescence is rather a special kind of yarn shop. While primarily online, Purlescence is often found at various yarn shows and festivals throughout the UK where they meet many of their customers face to face. If you’re in the Oxfordshire area, you can also make an appointment to pop in, or plan to attend one of their workshops or quarterly Open Days where there are often special guests or offers. Having been both a workshop attendee, and a guest designer at a recent Open Day, I can vouch for this! It’s nice way to experience their friendly service in person, and also touch and pet their glorious yarns.

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Wild and Woolly: shop profile

For our next shop profile I thought it would be nice to stay a little closer to home and profile a shop that has become my new “local” here in London. Granted, I have to travel to Hackney to get there, but Anna Feldman’s shop is well worth the journey! I first found out about Wild & Woolly doing my research of shops that I was visiting on the Great London Yarn Crawl. It’s hard to believe that it hasn’t even been open a year as it’s already become woven into the fabric of the community that it serves. 

Read on as Anna answers my questions about her cosy little shop in London’s east end.

Anna Feldman and Wild & Woolly

Anna Feldman and Wild & Woolly

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Ginger Twist Studio: shop profile

We’ve had some great yarn reviews on the blog over the last year but then it always results in in the question, “But where does one find all these great yarns Louise?”. To help answer that, I thought it would be fun to profile some of the amazing shops that I’ve come to know online or in person (or that I know so well online that it feels like I’ve been there in person!).

Happily, Jessica James of Ginger Twist Studio opened her door and agreed to answer some questions – and also sent along these amazing photographs!

shop front 1

Jessica James and Ginger Twist Studio

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