Behind the scenes at Whimzy

Silkie Merino

Special skeins: Whimzy Silkie Merino

There was something just a little extra special about taking Whimzy yarn to Unravel because we were responsible for a debut! It was Whimzy’s first outing in the wild and the first time their Silkie Merino had been featured at a knitting show. Whimzy’s yarns were extremely popular, selling out in a lot of the colours we’d picked.

Since we’ve just shared the Sokkusu O colours we picked for our trunk show, we wanted to tell you more about Ling and her Whimzy yarns.

 In your own words, tell us about Whimzy Yarns

Whimzy Yarns came about rather suddenly and unexpectedly.  Alice from Socktopus was about to relocate the business in Hong Kong where she had been living for the last year and half.  However, she wanted to take a break from the business and the opportunity arose for me to do this for myself.

I love knitting and crochet.  I love colour.  Being a yarn-dyer seems to be a good fit.

How has the journey from assistant dyer to business owner been? What have you learned along the way?

It’s been a steep learning curve.  It’s hard having to do everything yourself – from the dyeing, to the updates, to the administration, to the social media, to the marketing.  It’s an amazing learning process along the way.  I’m glad to be doing this.

What did you do before you got into dyeing?

I’ve been reinventing myself over the years.  I was a Chartered Accountant in the period BC (before children!).  Then I was Stay-at-Home mum for about 8-9 years.  Now I’m a yarn-dyer.

What job do you think you’d be doing if it wasn’t this?

If I wasn’t doing this, I think I’d like to be either a Jewellery maker or a potter.   Actually, probably just a Maker of stuff – jewellery, lampwork beads, quilts, toys, bags, stuff….

If there were more hours in the day I would….?

Finish what I started….. (I’m not the best completer/finisher).

What inspires you as a dyer?

Anything and everything.  Nature, Characters from a movie or book, Places,

Knit Night

Knit Night in Silkie Merino

Do you have any favourite bases or colours to work with?

I love Sokkusu O, Silkie Merino, Cashmere (if only it wasn’t so expensive!) but there’s so many bases out there that I haven’t tried.  My favourite colours are grey, blue, purple and pinks.  Since working as dyer, I’ve come to appreciate the whole colour palette.  Just because I don’t like a colour, doesn’t mean it doesn’t look good!

Can you share any sneak previews/news of what’s coming up next?

I’ll be doing my first show in July at Fibre East.  If you’re going, please come and say Hi!

If you could knit any Inspiration Knits pattern, in any of your yarns, what would you choose and why?

Stay Awhile – I love putting together colour combinations.  When the colours work well together, the design really pops!  I’ve got so many colour combinations picked out in my head.  Squink and Lime & Basil, Lapis and Lavender Bouquet, Plum and my new chocolatey colour, Galactic and Radiance, I could go on…


Stay Awhile Sokkusu O

Stay Awhile in fiery shades of Sokkusu O

Thank you to Ling for taking the time to share her answers. If you’d like to keep up to date with Whimzy, you can find Ling on Twitter. You can also check out some of our luscious Whimzy samples. More soon!




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