Completely Unravel-led

24hrs later I think I’m still reeling from the visual assault that was Unravel yesterday. Don’t get me wrong; it was fabulous. I just still can’t quite process it all. Here are my highlights.


First stop was Fyberspates so that I could see the complete Vivacious DK, Vivacious 4ply and Gleem lace collection. The colours were, predictably, beautiful. I have an ever-growing, ever-changing list of things that I want to design in the yarn. I restrained myself to a skein each of Deep Forest, Sea Green and Silver & Bronze in the 100% superwash merino DK. I want to make something cosy and autumnal, even if we are heading into spring. I love how the semi-solid colours blend together so nicely.

It’s always great to see my designs on show stand, namely the first designs in Vivacious 4ply. My Leave it to Me hat and Leave these to Me mitts were there. It’s even nicer to see people try them on and inspect the patterns. It’s good to be reminded of the point of designing hand-knits – making things that another knitter will enjoy making too.

I also liberated two skeins of Scrumptious laceweight in Jen’s Green and Ysolda’s Wine Gum. I’m planning on combining them somehow into one design because the colours look gorgeous together – the deep greeny-blue sets off the fresh green perfectly. The silk/merino mix has such a gorgeous sheen.

Oh, and I did have two skeins of Faery Wings in Inky Purple and Purple Rain, but my lovely sample knitter ran off with those immediately so that she can wind the yarn while awaiting the new pattern from me. I think it’s safe to say she loved the colours!

I had a long and lovely discussion over a stunning pile of yarn with Ai-Ling Lee, who has just taken over the ex-Socktopus yarns, Sokkusu. The colours are gorgeous and I picked out some very juicy shades to play with. I’m sure I have more news about Ling’s yarns in due course, but I’m not certain what I can share for now, beyond that.


Somehow I managed to fit in lunch with my knitting group, followed by more deliberations about colours and new designs with Jeni from Fyberspates. Yes, I know I need to start doing garments and it was great to talk about that a little. It’s getting embarassing being a former catwalk pattern-cutter and still sticking to smaller accessories! Time to move things along.

Finally at nearly 3pm I set off to see the rest of the show in the 90minutes I had left. I had to limit myself to the stands that desperately wanted to visit. I said hi to a the lovely Amanda at Natural Dye Studio, but I’m still a bit backed up with stash from the last time I stopped for too long on her gorgeous stand. I’m so pleased to hear that they have settled in Devon like it’s still all a dream.

I paused briefly at MillaMia’s stand to see their stylish new adult collection pattern books, and to marvel at how Max and Margaret were still smiling so near the end of the day! They were doing a sterling job. It was good to be able to see some of the adult garment samples too. The yarn is such a joy to knit I do keep coming back to it.

A good chat with Asti Grafham of Juno Fibre Arts resulted in a small-but-perfectly-formed yarn spree. There were old favourites such as Alice Sock and Buffy Toughie, and new delights such as a DK Alice which felt divine. But once I picked up the skein of Gunmetal grey Iris Lace in 100% silk there was no releasing it. The grey has life with hints of pink and blue appearing in places, yet somehow it still looks solid. Apparently I have a bit of a grey laceweight problem since this won’t be the only grey laceweight I have in my stash – I think I like classic colours when it’s going to be something that will take a long time to knit and I want it to outlast passing fashions. And. Well. I just love grey.


I also have a bit of a weakness for Alpaca, being unable to handle mohair but loving a bit of fuzziness. So, two skeins of her luxurious Baby Alpaca/Silk/Cashmere 4ply also came home with me. The fact they were Grape purple clinched it, sad though I was to put back the rest of the armful of colours I was clutching. They are a beautiful single-spun so the yarn is squishy with great metreage. I think I must have been feeling the cold, between choosing this and the autumnal Vivacious DK!

My last stop wasn’t yarn; it was Ida’s House of vintage treasures. Patterns, including a 1940s booklet. More aluminium needles. A stunning pair of tortoiseshell needles (for decoration only). And treasure of the day: a 1930s Viyella needle gauge and row counter. It merits a blog post all to itself (soon). I did have to pass on the fantastic shop counter-display for needles since I honestly don’t have the quantity of needles, never mind the space, to justify it…yet.


With all the yarn-petting, it was really hard to find time to stop and talk to all the fellow Ravellers that I knew would be there too. Apologies if you’re reading this and I barely managed to say hello; I wanted to sit down for a cup of tea with everyone.

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