Knit Play Colour: Flight of Colour

knit_play_colour_raw8882.jpgThis shallow triangle scarf is designed to be easy to personalize. The simple structure of Flight of Colour allows you to play with stripes and yarn colours.

I have seen knitters daunted by choosing 3 colours to put together. Not everyone finds it so easy to recolour a pattern. So I designed this to be as simple as possible to recolour.

Choose a favourite colour for your contrast. Choose a dark neutral and a pale neutral to set off your contrast colour.

Bold contrast. Two neutrals.

Bold contrast. Two neutrals.

For the sample, I chose Sweet Georgia Superwash DK because I wanted the garter stitch to be really squooshy. Plus, the palette of colours is extensive.

I chose Cayenne, which is definitely a favourite of mine since it’s not the first time I’ve used this colour (see Inked In hat). To go with this, I wanted warm neutrals so that meant beigy-brown tones rather than greys. Bison and Tumbled Stone are in the beige/brown family, but very greyed so they work for me.

If you were using a cooler colour, such as an icy pink, purples, greens or blues, cool pale and dark grey for the neutrals are safe choices. Of course you could make more of the contrast, but the point was to make the basic version of the pattern easy to personalize.

It is easily adjustable in size, whilst retaining its linear proportions. Ideal for 4ply/fingering, DK, worsted and aran, you can play with making this in any yarn weight you like. I do love laceweight held double for garter stitch, so that’s a tempting possibility. It’d be super-cosy in aran or heavier – and fast.

You can keep it to just three colours, or use it as an opportunity to experiment. Flight of Colour is a great scrap-buster, ideal for handspun yarn or mini-skeins. This is where the fun really starts.

The big alternative I wanted to show is using mini-skeins; Miss Babs Polydactyl Set, in Soul Food, to be specific.

zass-Bangham knitwear designsWhat about handspun? I can’t produce enough to be useful, but I do have this gorgeous bowlful of balls from Ananuca. I’ll add this to a couple of plain skeins from the same company, to hold all the colours together.

Flight of Colour - handspun from AnanucaThis is a fun intermediate knit, with the aim being that you get to mess around with colour. The strong shape and simple stripes hold the project together, giving it an interesting structure within which you can play – I love the muted shades from Little Grey Sheep, influenced by the colours of the fleece. Have you got a local yarn producer with local colours?

Playing with colours in mini skeins from Little Grey Sheep.

Playing with colours in mini skeins from Little Grey Sheep.

How would you make Flight of Colour to suit you best? Clean and simple in 3 colours? An opportunity to stash-bust? A chance to indulge in 3 skeins of a squooshy yarn you love? Or grab a handful of gorgeous mini-skeins?

Take flight in colours you love.

Knit Play Colour is available to pre-order now as an ebook on Ravelry, or as a printed book (including a download code for a free copy of the ebook). Patterns are being shared during September, with the book released on the 29th.

Book images © Jesse Wild 2015.

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