Setting the bar for 2015

I’ve never been really sure how to feel about New Year’s resolutions. There’s nothing like making yourself resolve to do something to take the fun out of it, which is why I really can’t bring myself to make any resolutions about my knitting.

But I do love a good challenge and setting strong goals at the beginning of the year is just the motivation I need to push myself and reignite the creative fires. Over the holiday I’ve been considering how I want to challenge myself in 2015 and I’ve got a pretty solid list now from which to work:

Knit from my queue
I do mostly knit accessories, which is why I design them – I design things that I actually want to knit and wear. But I do knit the occasional sweater or epic lace shawl. I resolve to knit a few of these from my queue this year.  I took my own advice and bought a few patterns in December, before EU VAT adds 20% for all the knitters readying this in the EU. If this is you, you’ve still time to a buy a few things before 1st January arrives. (Knitters outside the EU don’t have to worry – prices won’t be affected by EU VAT because it’s set on the customer’s location).

Knit from stash
Okay, so I have the same stash problem as the average (obsessed) knitter. I think it’s okay to buy for specific projects, and for that I include my designing. But I really need to use my personal stash for that queue knitting before I buy any more (yes, I’m looking at you: panic-buying when Juno Fibre Arts closed, and those two skeins of HandMaiden Seasilk in Hemlock).

Three Cheers and Gifted - large

L-R: Three Cheers and Gifted. Both patterns benefit MSF through their knitting fundraiser P/HOP

Knit more for charity
I really enjoyed knitting for Refuge through the appeal put out by Yarn in the City for the Great London Yarn Crawl. I hope they do something like this again in 2015. I am really proud to have contributed two patterns to p/hop for Médécins sans Frontières, and want to do more. Also, I’m proud that they’re re-usable gift wrap, and not a contribution to the waste mountain. So, yes, bring on more knitterly good deeds!

Countess Ablaze and Triskelion

How can I resist knitting, or even designing, with such gorgeous yarn-y offerings from Countess Ablaze and Triskelion Yarns?

Try new indie dyers
I love trying new-to-me yarns and dyers. This is definitely a design goal. The dyers I’m drawn to are all about colour, but that doesn’t mean bright necessarily – I’m up to my elbows in Countess Ablaze, SweetGeorgia, Miss Babs, Knitting Goddess and Nature’s Luxury. I loved designing with Must Stash, Fyberspates and Whimzy yarns last year, and there is more of that to come. I’d better stop before this turns into a list of my favourite yarns (oops – too late!). And yes, I know this looks like a contradiction to my Knit from Stash goal…yes, it is! Conflicted on this point, as usual.

Do some Fair Isle
I have ideas brewing and am thrilled that’s coinciding with a resurgence of this technique that plays with colour and pattern. I love combining colours for different moods and effects. Watch this space. It won’t be traditional, but some of the yarns will be. I loved choosing Jamieson & Smith colours at Purlescence a few weeks ago when I didn’t so much fall as dive head-first off my yarn-diet wagon!

The MKAL for the Fingerless Gloves Fanatics was so much fun, I'm going to do another one in October 2015!

The MKAL for the Fingerless Gloves Fanatics was so much fun, I’m going to do another one in October 2015!

Have fun in our Ravelry group
We’ve been throwing around ideas for fun things we could do. If there’s anything you’ve done in another group that you think our IK group would enjoy, please do share. We welcome your ideas – it’s your group.

Do you set knitting goals or plans for yourself for the coming year? Why not share them with us in the Inspiration Knits group on Ravelry where we’re keeping each other motivated with our knitting?

Whatever your plans are for 2015, I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday, and I’ll see you back online here in January!

3 thoughts on “Setting the bar for 2015

  1. Thosr sound like good plans. I feel the same way about setting knitting goals – don’t want to take the fun out of it. In 2014, i did knit mostly from my stash which is really a perpetual goal. Otherwise, i go where the yarn fairy moves me!

  2. My resolutions are similar. Knit what I have, as I have bought yarns that I really loved. Knit more for me. Finish things properly. Make a permanent home for my various craft things that inspires me to be more creative. Practice sewing so I can nice things.

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