Leave it to Me


Leave these to Me:
Elegant mitts

So how come my last blog post was in eager anticipation of the Knitting & Stitching show in (whisper it) October? I do think I can justify myself! Well, I’m about to try.

The first thing I did at the show was to go and see Jeni at her fabulous Fyberspates stand. After she told me she’d send me sample yarn for the new Vivacious 4ply, the rest of the show was suddenly a lot less exciting. I mean, it was still a lovely day, and I saw lots of wonderful friends and met lots of great people. Of course I still spent lots of money on yarn for me and for gifts – it was a yarn show after all and I wasn’t going to get off that lightly! But my head was rather full with the prospect of juicy hand-dyed yarn and all the things I wanted to try with it.

I did manage to go and talk to Debbie Abrahams for advice on beads (another blog post to come), and I scooped up the prettiest colours in the hope that something would go with one of the Vivacious yarns, when they arrived.

Before I could get to the Vivacious though, I had to work out what I was doing with a huge pile of Scrumptious Aran that I’d liberated from the Fyberspates stand. The result was the pre-Christmas gift-knit ebook, Careen. It’s full of quick, easy knits for 1, 2 or 3 skeins of yarn.

And then the Vivacious arrived and I got stuck into my favourite pasttime: swatching. The Deep Forest was my absolute favourite of the sample colours I received, and it just wanted to be leaves. With beads. Debbie Abrahams’ shade Slick was a perfect match, in deep sophisticated tones just like the yarn.

Let’s just gloss over Christmas and Birthday parties and a house full of relentlessly flu-ridden people. For the purposes of this post, I’m afraid they’re just another excuse for the lack of a blog post. The spare minutes I got went on knitting, not blogging (or cleaning, for that matter). I’m sure you can relate to that!


Leave it to Me:
beaded hat

I’m so thrilled to have just published the first Vivacious 4ply patterns – elegant mitts and a matching hat. With beads. OK, so you don’t have to put them on if you don’t want to, but adding a few beads with a crochet hook is just so easy. Check out the patterns in the ebook Leaving.

I’m also thrilled to be back to sharing what’s happening on my blog. And I’ve taken a leap into the modern world – you can now follow me on twitter too @inspirationknit 

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