Industrial Inspiration

Kempton SteamI’ve been struggling to write my blog for the last few weeks. I visited Kempton Steam Museum and was so overwhelmed by it that I’ve been lost for words. I have plenty of images though, since I took a few photographs. OK, so I took a few hundred photographs.

It’s a decomissioned steam-powered water-pumping station near where I live. It’s been revived to working order. Did I mention that it’s Europe’s biggest working triple-expansion steam engine? It’s immense in every way. Scale. Design. Power.

I’m so full of design ideas I don’t know what to say. So, instead, I’ll let the best of my photographs show you around – from tiny details to the overview.

If you fancy a visit or want to know more, it’s open regularly and is in steam on selected weekends. Visit Kempton Steam Museum for more details. And me? I have knitting to design.