Midnight Ocean

Midnight Ocean

Midnight Ocean: new capelet

I’ve just designed Midnight Ocean capelet as a change from making triangle shawls. I love how cosy this generous cowl feels, even though the yarn is only 4ply. It stays on my shoulders instead of falling off constantly – no fiddling with it while trying to hold a glass of wine or a conversation.

It’s going to be perfect to wear on chilly summer evenings, and apparently there will be plenty of those in the UK this year. I think it will be great under a coat in winter when the subtle sparkle will be picked out by twinkling lights. In a plain colour the clean Art Deco design would make it wearable on a journey to work. It feels very versatile to me. If you’d like to see more pictures, have a look here.

So, I’d like to know…what do you think of the idea of this little capelet instead of a triangle shawl?