Knitterly distractions

I’m glad I took my kids with me to the polls yesterday, so they could see what happens and understand the process. I feel passionately that they understand that it’s important to vote – and that it’s up to them to decide how to vote. My son is into maths just now, so he understands how close the result was, and how important it is therefore that we have our say.

But since this is a blog about knitting and not politics, I’m distracting myself by getting my summer knitting planning underway.

Do you do this too? Planning for a season is something I find helpful, not just for a specific trip or outing. We’ll be in and out a bit over the summer hols and there’s the summer KAL happening soon on the Ravelry board. I’ve been thinking ahead to what I want to work on – and when – so that it’s easy for me to know which project to reach for. Here’s my plan:

I just love how light and airy Colour Trail is knit in lace - perfect for summer!

I just love how light and airy Colour Trail is knit in lace – perfect for summer!

Summer KAL knitting
My fabulous mods on the Inspiration Knits board on Ravelry are organising another two-month KAL. Over the summer months we’ll be knitting along to Colour Trail. I’m SO excited about this and will be working on a summer version using Fyberspates Gleem Lace in the Lundy Island colourway.

This summer version is actually a languishing WIP for me and I’m hoping that the KAL will give me the motivation to get it finished. I originally started this version for the Knit Play Colour book but time pressures meant that I had to move on to something else and only a photo of it as a swatch was used in the book.

Only two more inches to go but it's going to be a looong two inches!

Only two more inches to go but it’s going to be a looong two inches! Hope mine looks half this good when finished and blocked. Photo copyright: Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed

Speaking of languishing WIPs…
… and proof that I don’t only knit my own patterns! I’ve been working on Jared Flood’s Girasole for what feels like AGES! Definitely longer than a year for sure. I’m knitting the 4-ply version out of some gorgeous Shilasdair Luxury 4-ply in a soft, pale blue that I had in my stash. Sadly this project was waylaid by the book last year and I’ve somehow not been able to get back to it since. I’m hoping with the kids in a few activities this summer that I might actually get the chance! I’ve got literally half a chart and the border to go.

Reliable favourites: Knit Night and Knit Me

Reliable favourites: Knit Night (L) and Knit Me (R)

Knit Night or Knit Me
We’ve got plans to go camping again this summer which means I need to think about something easy to do without too much referring to a pattern. And something that can be done in low-light situations as well (hello headtorch)! I’m surely due to make myself another Knit Night or Knit Me since my samples keep ending up loaned out elsewhere. The question now is whether or not I fancy garter stitch or stockinette for my scarf, as well as which of the pretties in my stash I’d like to use?

Of course, there’s inevitably going to be work knitting too. What’s that you say? Yes, I can definitely confirm that new designs and fun things and collaborations are afoot! I’ll share more when I can but thought I should mention that work has been going on in the background even though things have been a little quieter as of late! You know if I’m quiet online then that means there’s lots of things going on in the background…

What are your own summer knitting plans?

One thought on “Knitterly distractions

  1. I’m doing a lot of travelling round Europe by car (if they let us in), France, Spain, Italy, so need to organise myself to have a few portable projects to take with me! Ive had my 2nd Knit Me on the needles for a while but not sure about beading in the car!? Need to check out the KAL. Enjoy your summer.

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