WIP Wednesday: What have I been working on?

I was chatting with a friend last week about feeling like I’m in a limbo, float-y kind of feeling since the launch of Knit Play Colour last year. After being focused on such a big project for such a long time, I’m just not quite sure what I’m supposed to be doing next.

My friend gently reminded me that it has only been less than six months since my book came out (really?! seems like an age ago!), and to not be so hard on myself at not figuring out which direction I want to go in next. But her best advice? “Get back to your knitting, just the knitting.”

Unconsciously that’s what I’ve been doing this last little while. Knitting is still relaxing, especially when it’s not my own design, and it’s also been very productive! With a few “non-work” related projects on the needles I’m re-discovering the joy in each little stitch, moving each project forward at my own pace and without a deadline looming over me. Since it’s Wednesday, I thought I’d share what I’ve been working on:

Affinity – yes the KAL is going on at the moment but this one is a WIP that was started last year during the lead up to the book as a sample and then pushed aside because I was running out of time! There’s no pressure now, the pattern is out there in the book, so I’m making this out of pure pleasure.

I’m knitting it with one mini set and one plain skein of Whimzy Sokkusu and am delighting in it’s portable size (and how pretty it is too!). The pattern is an easy one to remember so it makes it the perfect choice for social knitting. A handful of friends from my knitting group are also doing the KAL so it’s lovely to knitalong in real life with them.

photo affinity

My Affinity shawl makes the perfect knitting-group project

Angelus Novus – proof that I don’t knit only my own designs – or at least when it comes to sweaters! This cardigan by Renée Callahan of East London Knit first caught my eye when I saw the sample on the Blacker Yarns stand at Yarndale last September.  I love the unusual construction but I have to actually pay attention to what I’m doing instead of chatting! This project as moved to TV knitting as it’s now at the point where I can’t take it anywhere with me easily.

My swatching for Angelus Novus wasn't wasted as I'll be able to use the info I learned about the other yarns on other projects or new designs.

My swatching for Angelus Novus wasn’t wasted as I’ll be able to use the info I learned about the other yarns on other projects or new designs.

I did quite a lot of swatching for this project and in the end the Studio Donegal Soft Donegal yarn won out because I had it in stash. Happily though, one of the swatches was Triskelion Yarns new Elmet base, which I LOVED so much I’m planning a new design around that yarn. Personal knitting time really does recharge one’s creative batteries!

photo angelus

At a loose gauge, this is coming along quickly!

Operation Sock Drawer – remember this cheeky photo from when I was in a traffic jam on the motorway on the way up to Yarndale last year? Well, they’re still on the needles but back in my handbag again this week as socks really are the ultimate portable project. This is my first pair for Operation Sock Drawer but I’m enjoying Kate Atherley’s Custom Socks: Knit to Fit Your Feet (or in my case, my giant feet!) and am looking forward to knitting others. Especially if I use more of Countess Ablaze‘s yarn like I am with this pair. It’s inspiring stuff!

photo sock wip

Highly portable sock, in a tiny Wild and Woolly project bag.

These personal knitting projects are definitely helping me to get my knitting mojo back. They’re giving me time to relax and think. There is much planning to be done. What do you get out of your knitting time, aside from the finished project of course!?

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