And the writing continues…

EasyKnits Zip Light in Banshee, now ready and photographed in a beautiful sample.

EasyKnits Zip Light in Banshee, now knit-up into a beautiful sample.

I’m buried under paper, swatches and samples on my desk as the writing continues on THE BOOK (which is how I always think of it in my head). I wanted to let you know how things are going.

Now the photoshoot is done, and I have managed to whittle down the images to a manageable quantity, it’s still up to me to provide some charming prose!

You may have guessed from my patterns, or even reading this blog, that I’m a bit of a stickler for details. With these designs, I need to ensure that knitters have as much information as they might need to enable them to veer off-piste. Because I’m a knitter who likes options, I tend to assume that the people knitting my patterns will want to make each project their own too.

This is fine when I’m releasing a single pattern or mini e-book collection, but I’ve found myself faced with rather a huge amount of work when providing those options for a book’s worth of projects! Since this is a major component of THE BOOK it’s not like I can leave it out. Ah! So there’s a hint then! I suppose it is time for a little more of a reveal. The title of THE BOOK is…

Knit Play Colour

Ten patterns, hundreds of possibilities. There are patterns for ten accessories projects that are transitional pieces from autumn to winter. Many of them could even be year-round knits though, depending on your gauge or yarn used – and that’s where the “play” part comes in.

Each of the patterns is structured to include the original pattern instructions. Then, for each project there are ideas and suggestions for adapting and customizing the pattern to make it truly your own. These can include everything from changing the colour or the gauge or the yarn or the size, to getting a little more technical in tweaking some of the stitch patterns. To show what I mean, each pattern has three swatches or samples made up to illustrate some of the alternatives.

But I’m afraid that’s all I can reveal for now because if I don’t get back to it and hit my deadline there won’t be a book to release in the autumn! I’ll have more news later this summer with all the details on presales for the book, and plans for the release.

Happy knitting!

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