Painted & Fresco: new patterns in a Palette of colours

Painted really lets you see the colours in your yarn.

Painted lets you see all the colours in your yarn.

At last! Painted is available to buy. I know many of you have been waiting patiently for this pattern.

I have a little surprise. There is a DK/light-worsted shawl version too, called Fresco. Both patterns are available together in an ebook called Palette.

And they’re going off on an exciting “blog tour” together.

Firstly, what are all these paint references about? This because the stitch pattern shows off the variety of colours in the yarns – whether wildly multi-hued or gently semi-solid. Sometimes I find the small stitches of garter or stocking stitch (stockinette) can turn really varied yarns to a disappointing mud, making it hard to see all the different colours. I want to enjoy all the colours for their unique selves. I needed a solution and this stitch pattern really works.

Painted is also a reference to Canada’s Group of Seven Artists who painted the Agawa Canyon, which was the inspiration for the vibrant yarn which The Loopy Ewe chose for the original sample, shown above.

Perfect for fresh Spring weather, the vintage stitch pattern makes a light, soft fabric. These are easy-intermediate projects.

Painted is a long, narrow triangle. It uses 365-400m/400-440yds fingering weight yarn and is easily adaptable to use up the full amount you have on hand. Since you’ve already seen this pattern knitted up in a rainbow of yarn, I wanted to show the versatility of the pattern in showing off other styles of hand-dyed yarn, from variegated to semi-solid. (I’ve included an information sheet at the back of the pattern pdf, so you’ll find all the technical details there.)

Miss Babs creates stunning combinations, more complex and richly varied than a rainbow. I chose Yummy 2ply in Berlin for a scarf that I just had to make. I confess that after the shoot I wore this one out to dinner – it went so well with my blue top and jeans! It’s a great smart-casual, wearable project.

Miss Babs Yummy 2ply in Berlin

Miss Babs Yummy 2ply in Berlin

For a more gently tonal but still varied effect, try Blue Moon Fibre Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight in Titiana. The Autumnal shades of rust, deep green and mid purple have a similar tonal depth, just varying in hue. This is a more sophisticated, muted project.

Socks that Rock in Titiana - a more muted option

Socks that Rock in Titiana – a more muted option

What about semi-solid colours? And we were talking about Spring too, weren’t we? Fyberspates Vivacious 4ply comes in lovely colours that mostly sit somewhere between variegated and semi-solid. There’s enough variety to make it interesting, but not so much that it could be difficult to knit or wear. In Peacock, the variety of blues and lilacs are made more visible by the stitch pattern in Painted.IMG_6607

And edging into barely semi-solid, in a delicious Spring shade of Coral Rose is Sweet Georgia Yarns Bluefaced Leicester Sock. This colour is so warming with most skin-tones. I have a massive soft spot for Bluefaced Leister wool because of it’s softness and sheen, especially after it’s been washed a couple of times.

Just gently semi-solid, the range of colour is beautifully visible. Sweet Georgia Yarns BFL sock, Coral Rose.

Just gently semi-solid, the range of colour is beautifully visible. Sweet Georgia Yarns BFL sock, Coral Rose.

So what about Fresco? This is a deeper triangle, so that it will cover your shoulders. And in DK or worsted yarn. Again, the details for these samples are included in the pattern.

I’m hoping you’ll be persuaded to go for interesting indie-dyed yarn. I found niche dyer Blissful Knits and we talked colours. Regal Berry on the Tango merino base was the result. It’s a lovely year-round shade, with flecks of gold enhancing the plums and purples.

Blissful Knits Tango, flecked in Regal Berry

Blissful Knits Tango, flecked in Regal Berry

I got very excited about the idea of making a one-skein shawl with a generously proportioned skein of Miss Babs Yowza! in Gal Noir. I love one-skein projects, and this 227g/8oz skein makes one lovely big project! The colours and textures really jump out at me from this yarn.

If anyone asks, it's still "just a one-skein project" in Miss Babs Yowza! in Gal Noir

If anyone asks, it’s still “just a one-skein project” in Miss Babs Yowza! in Gal Noir

I thought I should calm it all down with a subtle semi-solid from Madelinetosh. This is Merino DK in Tannenhill. I’m afraid I think this colour is being discontinued, but Madelinetosh has such a vast palette from which you can choose your favourite. This is a single-spun yarn, which I think makes the colours even more visible here.

Subtley sophisticated in Miadelinetosh Merino DK Tannenhill. Colour can talk quietly too.

Subtley sophisticated in Miadelinetosh Merino DK Tannenhill. Colour can talk quietly too.

Now I mentioned a blog tour. A blog tour?

Yes, these patterns are going on a virtual, international tour! Do follow each day, to see what these lovely yarnies, stores and excellent bloggers have to say about the patterns. Here is the tour schedule:

Tomorrow: Yarn in the City, organisers of deeply yarnie, fun events.

Thurs: Knitted Bliss – wonderful knitting blogger (and talented designer).

Fri: Knit with Attitude – cool London yarn store

Mon 30th: Miss Babs – hand-dyer of sophisticated colour combinations

Tues: Yarn & Pointy Sticks – deeply immersed in all-things fibre

Wed 1st: Sweet Georgia Yarns – hand-dyer of bold, unabashed colour

Thurs: The Golden Skein – curator of exclusive indie-dyed yarn clubs

Fri: Fyberspates – luxury, hand-dyed yarns

I’m so excited about this tour!

Ready to dive in to your favourite kind of colour? We’ve a friendly Knitalong, starting April 1st (yes really) in the Inspiration Knits group on Ravelry. Come and join us! We’re already discussing beautiful yarns for both projects. Which will you make? A Painted scarf or a Fresco shawl…?

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