Ringing the (price) changes for the New Year

Ironbridge Cowl

Ironbridge Cowl

I usually look at my prices at the end of the year, and wanted to give you a bit of advance notice of a few price rises coming on Jan 1st 2015. So, if you have your eye on any of these, now’s the time to get them cheaply!

Also, particularly if you live in the EU, look out for next week’s blog post about how changes to VAT legislation will affect you in the New Year.

My single patterns are staying at £3 and £3.50, with a few staying a little cheaper. A few need to come up a little to bring them in line with comparable patterns, and they are:

Leave it to Me

Leave it to Me

Ice Storm MittsIronbridge CowlLeave it to MeLeave these to Me will go up to £3.50.

RivulettaPebbles Cowl and Lazy Summer Scarf will go up to £3.

Ebooks will remain great value, but most will go up by 50p.

All £4.00 ebooks are going up to £4.50 – the single patterns on their own would be £6, so it’s still good value.

All £4.50 ebooks are going up to £5.00 – the single patterns on their own would be £7-£10.50, so they’re really great value.


Safe Haven’s Seawall

The good news
Safe Haven ebook has been reduced today to £6 (just under $10) to reflect the fact that people are using it more as a pick n mix accessories set, rather than an ebook of 6 different designs. So this means both this and the similarly styled Careen accessories set ebook are each £6 – for 6 patterns.

There will be more news about the implications of big changes to EU VAT legislation coming next week. I’d recommend reading, even if you’re not in the EU, because some things will have a wider impact.

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