Three Cheers

Three Cheers!

Three Cheers!

My new pattern celebrates three things; your loved ones, knitting and Médecins sans Frontières.

So let’s have those Three Cheers

Hooray for your loved ones! Show your appreciation with yarn, of course. This bottle bag holds a regular bottle of wine. Of course it looks just as great wrapping other lovely bottles, such an expensive bottle of olive oil.

It’s perfect for taking your hostess gift to a Thanksgiving dinner or festive party, in style. Make that Christmas present extra special.

Hooray for knitting! Make a strong and re-useable bag. Use up your scraps and have some fun knitting. Once you’ve made it, you might be unable to let it go. You can re-use the bag yourself if you’re just using it to transport a hostess gift to a party. Or you can send it out into the world as a part of your gift. It will spread knitterly love, wherever it goes.

It didn’t escape my notice that I can fit one or gorgeous skeins of yarn in the bag instead of the wine. Now that makes a perfect knitter’s gift; yarn in a knitted bag. What if it was yarn to knit a knitted bag? OK, I’m getting carried away, but isn’t it perfect for a knitting swap party?

From one knitter to another. Yarn. In a gift bag made from…yarn.

From one knitter to another. Yarn. In a gift bag made from…yarn.

Hooray for Médecins sans Frontières! Doctors without Borders are doing an incredible job for people without access to the kind of healthcare we take for granted. They need our support. How much fun will you have making this project? Donate to MSF (Doctors without Borders) through knitting charity p/hop; that’s Pennies per Hour Of knitting Pleasure. The idea is that you can donate what you would’ve paid for the pattern – or how much you value the fun you’ve had. Or, really, just because MSF needs our help and support, especially now.

The Three Cheers pattern is available to download from p/hop directly, where you will find other patterns too, in return for the donation of your choice. They’re all tested and tech edited, so you can browse with confidence. It’s easy to donate online through p/hop by card or paypal (donate in pounds sterling GBP to use paypal).

A bit more about the bag

The bag is knit all in one piece, with no seaming. It’s an easy intermediate knit. It’s made from the bottom up, so there is some picking up to do around the base. The handles are joined together at the end with a 3-needle bind off, or you can graft them together if you prefer.

Then, the finished bag can be fulled (slightly felted) by giving it a rub in hot soapy water for ten minutes. This makes it stronger and stops it stretching so much under the weight of the contents of the bag. Please don’t throw it in the washing machine – we’re not aiming for cardboard here, just a more stable fabric. If it retains a bit of stretch, you can put a wider range of things inside. Make sure you chose a regular wool yarn that is NOT superwash…because superwash won’t felt!

I did design the bag to use 200m/220yds of worsted wool, since I know this is a very popular yarn weight and yardage, particularly in North America. But the other thing I like about this pattern is that it will be a brilliant scrap-buster. It’s a blank canvas with which we could play. I toyed with the idea of colourwork. I also considered a cable up the handles, to bring them in with style. Feel free to customize and personalize. Go for colours to suit the occasion or time of year. Yes, we did rush this out today, in time for Thanksgiving parties.

The size is easily adjustable. Changing the yarn weight will give you a different size. You can cast on more or fewer stitches. Work a larger or smaller base. Make it taller or shorter – one of my prototypes is only 10cm/4” high and it’s adorable!

What have you got lurking in your stash? What will you use? Whatever you do, have fun, give cheer.

Now give Three Cheers – and please donate to Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors without Borders.

(And thank you to Larissa, wonderful p/hop volunteer.)

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