1/3 RX photo tutorial

In the original free version of the MKAL patterns, this stitch was called 1/3 RC. Due to the confusion this caused, it is renamed 1/3 RX in the Ravelry published version.

Here is my photo tutorial for the 1/3 Right Crossover used In a Slipstream of Colour. Continue reading

Joining in the Round

Ice Storm: Long Cowl

Ice Storm: Long Cowl with a long cast on to join in the round

How can you avoid the dreaded twist when joining in the round? Why, when you are reaaaaaalllly sure it isn’t twisted, does it turn out to be twisted a few rounds later? Is there any way to fix a twist?

There are a few tricks, for novices and more experienced knitters alike. I want to share these today because they’re relevant to the Slipstream mysteries.

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