Slipstream Mysteries: Clue 4

Republic of Wool Anthology

For vacation knitting? Slipstream projects in sunshine shades? (Republic of Wool, Anthologie)

The fourth clue in the FREE Slipstream Mystery Knitalongs is out today!

It’s time for the colours to build-up in a flow, before flying away off your needles.

Technically, there are no new skills, just a final flurry of colour to finish your project off in a slipstream. It was never going to be an ordinary rib, was it?

Note that the clues are reasonably different between mitts and cowl, particularly initially. Much as I love the finish on the mitts, when translated to the cowl the fabric just wants to fold over because it’s not stretched when worn. It gives the cowl a simpler ending, which fits better with the smoother cowl design.

There is an alternative ending for the mitts, if you prefer a more snug fit around the fingers. The cowl-top needs to stay soft and easy to wear, so you need to stay on the needle size you’re already using even though it’s essentially a kind of rib.

As usual, there will be “spoiler” pattern photos for this clue of the Mitts and the Cowl in my group, in case you need to check how yours is looking. Do ask in there if you’re stuck.

I’ve been thrilled to see everyone’s project photos and gorgeous yarn choices. The projects look so exciting and so varied! It’s wonderful to see the pattern work in solids, semi-solids, two-tone, variegated and utterly wild yarns. Thank you so much for sharing and discussing everything in the forum threads.

I can’t wait to share the final pattern photos with you on 1st August. And there will be an extra little surprise. Mark your diaries!

Remember to download the files you want now – these Clue 4 pdfs will quietly disappear on 31st July, before the final patterns are published on Ravelry on 1st August.

Slipstream mitts v1 CLUE 4

Slipstream cowl v1 CLUE 4

Note that the main pattern starts quite differently between cowl and mitts in this clue. Please make sure you’re reading the right pdf.

As with every clue you can join the chat threads for the Slipstream Cowl MKAL and the Slipstream Mitts MKAL, where you can ask questions of your fellow mystery knitters. Happy knitting In a Slipstream of Colour.

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