Slipstream Mysteries: Clue 3

water flow

I love the idea of this waterfall as a solid representation of air flowing; it’s much easier to photograph! The perfect backdrop for the Slipstream photo shoot.

The third clue in the FREE Slipstream Mystery Knitalongs is out today!

The colours are no longer turbulent, but start to flow in a slipstream.

Update: Clue 3 has expired and is no longer available for free.

This is the clue that gives the name to the pattern. In case you didn’t already guess, we’re going to be slipping stitches. To get the effect I wanted, I spent some time messing around with slipped stitches, including diving into some of my vintage knitting books again. I love finding tiny details which make all the difference to a design. Back in the 21st century, I’ve also found some useful tutorials on youtube:

K tbl – Knit through the back loop. The important point of this technique is how you put the needle into the stitch before you make a stitch. And then…

W 1 – Wrap the yarn twice around the needle when you make the stitch. On the next round, you’ll drop off the extra wrap when you slip the stitch. This tutorial shows making the wrapped (elongated) stitch. Later in the tutorial, it also shows various methods for dealing with the wrapped stitch, including slipping the stitch to drop the extra wrap. On a later round in the Slipstream design, the extra-wrapped stitch can just be slipped purlwise as a normal stitch because you’ve previously dropped that extra wrap.

In case you are struggling with any of the techniques in this clue, I will issue a photo-tutorial shortly, which will pull it all together. In the meantime, there will be “spoiler” pattern photos for this clue of the Mitts and the Cowl in my group, in case you need to check how yours is looking. Do ask in there if you’re still baffled.

I mentioned earlier on in the mitts pattern that I have used a basic M1 for my increases throughout the pattern, including the thumb gusset. I used the bar between stitches, working it through the back to prevent a hole, like this in M1 English or M1 Continental style. I just want my stitches to sit straight and be part of the flow of the design. If you want to pair your M1’s to be left and right leaning, then of course you can. If you prefer a different type of M1, then by all means use it. If you’re really into this type of increase, you can read my last word on M1 (be warned, this gets seriously geeky).

If you’ve only just found the MKAL then you’ll need to catch up – fast. This third clue is the longest in terms of knitting, but is easier technically (especially in the cowl pattern). It will be more of a challenge to complete within the week, especially if you are making both cowl and mitts, just because it’s much more knitting. I think it’s possible to knit and chat or watch TV with this clue. Clue 4 is much shorter. So if you’re not quite up to date by the time this last clue comes out next Tuesday, don’t worry, you should still be on target to finish at the end of July.

Note that the main pattern is quite different between cowl and mitts in this clue. Please make sure you’re reading the right pdf.

As with every clue you can join the chat threads for the Slipstream Cowl MKAL and the Slipstream Mitts MKAL, where you can ask questions of your fellow mystery knitters. Happy knitting In a Slipstream of Colour.

Uh oh! The free pdfs for Clue 3 have expired. They are no longer available for free. The full patterns will be available on Ravelry from 1st August.

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3 thoughts on “Slipstream Mysteries: Clue 3

    • How very strange. No-one else has reported this problem, though that is no help to you. I have double-checked the links. I have two suggestions:

      1. Check that the pdf you are opening matches the same filename as on the blog post, in case you are opening a different downloaded pdf on your computer.

      2. Scroll down the pdf for clue 3 – the first page is the same for all clues because it contains the technical information relevant to all sections. Perhaps you’ve just missed the pattern section below.

      If neither of those work, please contact wordpress in case there are issues with your browser.

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