Slipstream Mysteries: Clue 2

The second clue in the FREE Slipstream Mystery Knitalongs is out today!

The colours change from turbulence to gently swirling around the design.

Miss Babs Yummy

How wild is the yarn you chose? Or did you play it safe? (Miss Babs Yummy, Berlin)

Update – clue 2 has expired and is no longer available for free.

This is the clue with the optional beads. If you’ve never added beads before, this is a good project to try because there aren’t hundreds to add. The beads are added using a crochet hook, described in my beading tutorial part 1. If you’ve added beads this way before, you might like to step it up a bit by using a piece of wire or dental floss to add the beads more easily – see my beading tutorial part 2).

add beads

Now is your chance to add beads.

Now, whether you are adding beads or not there is an interesting stitch in this clue. I have a passion for vintage knitting patterns because they are such a rich source of ideas and inspiration. I found the basis for this stitch hiding in a 1930s sweater! It was shown in a solid colour yarn, but I think it’s perfect for showing up the colour variation in a semi-solid or multi-coloured yarn.

As the pattern says, don’t pull the crossed stitch tight. You’re not trying to bunch up the fabric or make tiny cable. The aim is to show off your yarn in a long stitch on the front of your work.

If you made the fancy rib in Clue 1, you’ve had a little warm-up in making a similar style of stitch. If you didn’t make the fancy rib, don’t worry because I think this stitch is technically easier, even if it’s more unusual! I don’t see a tutorial on youtube so please just follow the instructions. (If you do find a video, do share please.)

vintage patterns

Vintage patterns: what treasures are buried inside?

I was very careful to have the test knitters make their tests blind from the pattern instructions in the same way that you will; a proper mystery test. I’m hopeful you will find it just as fun and straightforward too. However, I will post “spoiler” pattern photos for this clue of the Mitts and the Cowl in my Inspiration Knits forum, in case you need to check how yours is looking. Do ask in there if you’re baffled or stuck.

Yes, this is a good place to increase the length of your cuff, or the depth of your cowl. The standard pattern has 3 repeats, but I think 5 looks good too. If you are going to make anything bigger than the standard pattern, remember to allow more yarn. I’d keep to the standard pattern with the mitts if you’re hoping to make 3 projects with 200g, for example. With the cowl, you can make extra repeats of Clue 2 and then make a smaller amount of Clue 3, thus keeping the finished size (and yarn usage) the same.

And as with every clue you can join the chat threads for the Slipstream Cowl MKAL and the Slipstream Mitts MKAL, where you can ask questions of your fellow mystery knitters.

I cannot wait to see how everyone’s yarns work with this Clue. I’m very excited!

Uh oh! The free pdfs for Clue 2 have expired. They are no longer available for free. The full patterns will be available on Ravelry on 1st August.

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7 thoughts on “Slipstream Mysteries: Clue 2

  1. Thank you, Louise. What an interesting stitch. Thanks for all the hard work. I have done 2sets of the 4rows and it looks good. Ruth

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Pingback: 1/3 RC photo tutorial | INSPIRATION KNITS

    • Please try again to download the pdfs for clue one and clue two. They are different pdfs.

      Perhaps you just need to scroll down the pdfs – both clues have the same introduction page 1 because the technical information on these pages doesn’t change between clues.

      The working instructions on page 2 are different because they contain the knitting instructions for each clue.

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