Slipstream Mysteries: Clue 1

Vivacious Tweed Imps

Yarn at the ready? Vivacious Tweed Imps

The Slipstream Mystery Knitalongs start TODAY! The clues are FREE – but only while we knitalong.

Grab your yarn and your needles; here is Clue 1 for Slipstream Mitts and Slipstream Cowl.

The design starts with a fancy rib. It’s a section of turbulence before the colours start to slipstream.

Update – clue 1 has expired and is no longer available for free.

If you’re knitting both projects, notice that the fancy rib is slightly different between the mitts and cowl. This is because they need to fit differently whilst looking as similar as possible; yes, the patterns are correct.

In preparing for this Clue, I found myself writing a few tips, which has turned into a whole blog post about joining in the round. I’ll post it here after these clues are up, since I suspect I know which blog post everyone would prefer to see first today!

With the design of the fancy rib in the slipstream projects, you really need to join after just one round worked flat because it is difficult to work the fancy rib on the wrong side. But even one row of stitches after the cast-on makes a big difference.

This is one of the reasons why there is an plain rib option for the cowl – if you’re not that confident joining a larger circle in the round, then you can work 3 “rounds” flat in the plain rib and then join. And the knitting is also much easier. If you need a quick start, this is it.

Come and join us in the Ravelry groups to knitalong the Slipstream Mitts or the Slipstream Cowl. Or both! Share your progress, and ask questions.

Spoiler alert!! I will post “spoiler” photos for each clue of the Mitts and the Cowl in my group, in case you need to check how yours is looking.

Uh oh! The free pdfs for Clue 1 have expired. They are no longer available for free. The full patterns will be available on Ravelry on 1st August.

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