MKALs: In a Slipstream of Colour

Slipstream MittsAnnouncing not one but two Mystery Knitalongs, starting 1 July! Follow the clues to make gorgeous mitts or a cowl.

The textured designs show-off the colours in a favourite yarn. Ideal for variegated or semi-solid, watch the colours slipstream elegantly from one clue to the next.

The mitts pattern includes both speedy wrist-warmers and regular mitts with a shaped thumb gusset; it’s flexible. You can adjust the length of wrist or finger covering to your personal favourite, even during the MKAL.

Slipstream Cowl

The snug cowl is designed to sit beautifully over a sweater or inside a coat. It’ll keep out the draughts in style.

Worked in the round, these are intermediate projects. There are some novel stitches, which I think (hope) you will really enjoy. I’ll post links to youtube tutorials where I think it’s helpful. There will be lots of support in the Ravelry forums where we’re hosting the Cowl MKAL and Mitts MKAL.

Choosing yarn

I recommend using a semi-solid or variegated yarn with 365m/400yds per 100g skein. To help the textures and colours show up nicely, choose a yarn with a good twist and a bit of bounce. This type of yarn usually helps mitts to fit well. Our favourites, which we used for the samples, are Whimzy Twisted MN, Must Stash Yarns Jump & Jive, Fyberspates Vivacious 4ply and Madelinetosh Tosh Sock. (Enabling alert – new Jump & Jive colours)

One of our testers tried a yarn with 400m/440yds per 100g and found that she needed to add an extra 5 sts to the cast-on amount for the mitts (or wristees). Otherwise, the finer yarn made them come up a bit too small. This will matter less for the cowl – it will just fit a little more closely, unless you add extra sts as guided in the pattern information.

Mitt yarn ideas

Which mitt yarn would you choose? Must Stash Yarns Jump & Jive in Serenity, Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Mandala or Fyberspates Vivacious 4ply in Tweed Imps?

The pattern was tested successfully with a wide range of yarn colours, from subtley semi-solid, through gently tonal and lightly variegated, right on up to a full-blown rainbow-in-a-yarn. I confess we were all a bit nervous about how that rainbow yarn would turn out, but now I can’t wait to share the photos with you at the end of the mystery!

In short, whether your taste in yarn is quiet or loud, choose a yarn with colours that make you smile.

Cowl yarn ideas

Happy cowl colours – Fyberspates Vivacious 4ply in Sea Green, Must Stash Yarns Jump & Jive in Sunset and Whimzy Twisted MN in Sweetpea.

An experienced knitter could make both designs during the MKAL. To do this, you should allow two skeins. Yes, you won’t need all of it for the MKALs…but I plan to give you a good use for the remainder when the final ebook of Slipstream patterns is released. (And that’s as much as I’m saying for now!)

If you really want to try to make a set from one skein, make the standard size wristees option and finish them first. Stop working on the cowl while you’re still only half-way through Clue 3, and then finish it after the wristees are done. That way you can reduce the size of the cowl, if necessary, to fit into the yarn you have left.

You can add some glamour to your project with optional beads. Choose a colour that picks-out your favourite tones in your yarn. Never added beads before? It’s easy – these are great projects for a first try because it’s only a few beads to add. Check out our beading tutorial.


Choosing beads

Would you like to add beads to your project? (Shown against Whimzy Twisted MN in Lost Meadow)

Where will the Mystery Knitalongs be hosted?

The Slipstream Mitts MKAL is being hosted in the Fingerless Gloves Fanatics group. Working on the 14-point club? Check out the first post in the thread for the list of points you could score with the MKAL.

The Slipstream Cowl MKAL is being hosted in the Inspiration Knits group. Which yarn are you thinking of using? Come and share!

New to Mystery Knitalongs? Worried that you might get stuck? By joining in the MKAL you’ll have lots of support and help from friendly knitters who are knitting along with you.

Still worried? The cowl is the easier project, and for a stress-free start it includes the option of a very easy first clue. There will be spoiler photographs for both MKALs made available with each clue, so you can peek if you wish.

Schedule – FREE clues!

Clue 1: Tuesday 1 July

Clue 2: Tuesday 8 July

Clue 3: Tuesday 15 July

Clue 4: Tuesday 22 July

Clues will be available for FREE on my blog until the MKAL ends. Then I’ll make each complete pattern available to purchase on Ravelry.

If you want to collect the pattern clues for free, make sure you download them all as they are released. To follow my blog, click the button at the right of this page.

Let’s get ready! The Introduction pdfs, with all the yarn, needle and gauge information, are available to download NOW (below). Excited? I am!

Slipstream cowl MKAL intro

Slipstream mitts MKAL intro

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