Spice Route

Spice Route

Spice Route: for summer days and nights

This NEW scarf is all about showcasing beautiful hand-dyed yarn. I couldn’t choose only one texture to use because I wanted to celebrate the lovely variety of looks these yarns create: smooth knits, blurry purls, textured garter and strands of colour.

The different textural bands, including dropped stitch ladders, make the scarf reversible. Optional beads along the border add weight and make it that bit more special. Choose a silky yarn and sparkly beads to turn this into an elegant evening scarf.

This is an easy intermediate project, perfect for Spring and Summer in 4ply/fingering, in widths from scarf to shawl. On a technical note, you’ll need to do some knitting through the back loop, purling through the back loop, and knitting the front and back of a stitch. None of these things are particularly tricky, but if you want help follow those links for youtube tutorials.


Beautiful textures show off variegated yarns

The most fun in this pattern – I think – is the chance to drop stitches and make those long ladders. It feels strangely naughty to make ladders deliberately! I guess that’s because we spend most of our time feeling absolutely paranoid about dropping a stitch. You can let out your inner imp.

I know I usually have a launch discount for you, and I’m pleased to tell you that Spice Route is 20% off until 7 May, when the price goes up to £3.50. Get it quick while it’s merely £2.80!

Spice of Life Cowl

Spice of Life Cowl: get both patterns together in the ebook Allspiced

I’ve also put Spice Route scarf into an ebook, Allspiced, with its sister pattern, Spice of Life cowl, for just £4. Already got Spice of Life (and remember the blog post)? To thank you for being our customer, you can get Spice Route for just £1 – the discount is made automatically at the Ravelry checkout.

The main difference between the original cowl and the new scarf is that the bands are narrower on the scarf so that whilst the scarf is longer than the cowl, the narrow (small size) version can still be made from one skein of 4ply.

I’ve been meaning to get this pattern published for a while, and the desire in my group to KAL Spice of Life cowl has finally prompted me to get it done! So, this way knitters who’d prefer to make a scarf have the option. I’ve decided to expand the KAL to include the laddered Lazy Summer Scarf too, so that less experienced knitters have an option. Do come and join our May KAL: Let’s Ladder It!

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