Spinning a Yarn

My first handspun yarn

My first handspun yarn

I know I’ve mentioned previously that I’m in awe of handspinners. For my first attempt at spinning a yarn, I wanted to make something really luxurious and indulgent.

May I present to you the first skein of yarn I’ve spun; I love the rich chocolatey sheen! It’s just so silky.

It almost looks good enough to eat, doesn’t it? I admit it’s a tiny bit lumpy in places but happily that will improve with practice.

I really fancy making a Foolproof project, so I made this “vanilla” colour too. They look totally delicious together, don’t they? Definitely ready for stripes.

Two colours, ready to stripe

Two colours, ready to make delicious stripes

I followed these instructions, handed down by the author’s grandmother. It adds a touch of one of my favourite sources of inspiration: all things vintage. I did leave out the suggested alcohol since I felt that spinning whilst under the influence would not be wise, especially for a novice.

It was quite difficult to wind the skeins into balls: the yarn just kept breaking. I guess I will get fewer weak spots next time.

Ball winding

Ball winding proved rather tricky

I know I don’t need to make a gauge square to make Foolproof with any yarn, but I was itching to try out my yarn to see how it behaved. I confess it’s surprisingly sticky to knit, would you believe? I’m getting about 9 sts per 10cm/4″.

Gauge swatch

Gauge swatch

In anticipation of our Foolproof KAL, I made a hasty start on my project. I know I’ve got all week to choose yarn and get organised, but I got a bit ahead of myself. I’ve mentioned in our Ravelry group that it’s OK to cross-post in this month’s KALs, since it’s possible for a project to cover both. I’ll be cross-posting this in our handspun KAL too: (Yes, come and join us!)

Foolproof swatch

Foolproof swatch

What’s the most delicious yarn you’ve knitted or spun? All comments posted here will be entered into a free prize draw to win an Inspiration Knits pattern of the winners choosing. Do enter on facebook too, for another chance to win. Note the draws have now taken place and are closed. Thank you for playing.

We’d love to know what you think because we’ve got lots of yarnie interviews, and reviews of positively-edible-yarn coming up – watch this space.

Happy April Fools 2014 – do share the fun with your friends. Have you also tried making the Instant Cowl or the Emperor’s New Mitts?

16 thoughts on “Spinning a Yarn

  1. Haha. Almost got me but that looks too delicious to knit with! The most luxurious yarn I have knitted with so far is the ones am currently using to knit a damson shawl. It’s dyed by watercolour and lace and is a silk alpaca blend. Soooooo soft.

  2. LOL! Love it! I swear I am not saying this to suck up but:

    The most expensive yarn I ever bought was 50% silk, 50% merino for $50 a skein. However, it was half price or I would never have bought it. So it was not the most I ever paid for a skein, but it was the most expensive yarn. I bought two skeins and made them both into Song of the Sea! They feel amazing and the subtle depth of color just can not be captured in a photo, at least not one taken by me.

    • Wow, you got a deal! I’m totally honoured that you made them into Song of the Sea (and I’ll pretend I didn’t notice any sucking-up, LOL). I can imagine how well they work. Lucky you! 🙂

  3. Love the whole idea behind the fun of this!!! You must have had a blast doing it!! I love to smoosh yarn against my face, but I think I might leave this one alone heh! 😉 I do love a discontinued yarn by Skein in Himalaya base which is a DK / 8 ply & is 80% Merino, 20% Cashmere. I have used this a lot & is really beautiful to work with & so soft!

  4. Well how utterly gorgeous. Can’t trust the kids around that I bet!

    My most delicious yarn ever is Marrakesh – Handmaiden’s laceweight camel/silk. Knitting it with hardwood needles feels weirdly sinful. It’s just that sensuous.

    • Can’t trust the adults around it either. I seemed to have used it up surprisingly quickly! The yarn seemed to require a lot of testing, so there’s not much left for the KALs after all.

      Mmmmm Marrakesh sounds incredible. :)))

  5. It’s so difficult to come up with a favourite yarn – most of the really scrummy ones are still languishing in stash, waiting for me to find the perfect project: that one precious skein of Bugga!, some hand dyed Soccus from the Yarn Gallery, Juno Alice Lace (all, uncoincidentally with that special element of cashmere). And cashmere has to be the scrummiest fibre I’ve ever spun with too.

  6. I have to admit it looked like — um the Baby Ruth candy bar? Yeah that’s it, the Baby Ruth candy bar, which happens to be one of my favorites. I still wear the Instant Cowl and I get a lot of compliments on the cat version of the Emperor’s Mitts. Wondered what you were going to do this year 🙂

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