Unravel: not all work

Deep Lagoon Faery Wings

Faery Wings in Deep Lagoon

Unravel wasn’t all work. I did find some time to dash off for a bit of personal shopping. I admit that it was only two hastily-snatched half-hours over the entire weekend, but I think I did pretty well! 

I really fancy making a bright Song of the Sea (and secretly want to join in the new Song of the Sea KAL in my group) so I picked a vibrant turquoise Faery Wings in Deep Lagoon from Fyberspates – it wasn’t a colour we’d got on our stand, but I love it. I’m hoping if I wear it draped round my shoulders I can cope with the mohair; there’s a reason we had more alpaca than mohair on the stand!

On that note, I picked up a beautiful selection of colours in Fyberspates new super-fluffy Cumulus to try for some new designs. Although it looks suspiciously like a certain well-known kid mohair/silk yarn, it is actually alpaca and mulberry silk. I am bursting with ideas for it. Fluffy. Not itchy.

New: Cumulus from Fyberspates

New: Cumulus from Fyberspates

I love cosy socks, and as I type I am wearing one of my new pairs of Wool Shooting Hose from John Arbon. I have UK size 8 feet, so I’m always on the lookout for nice socks in mens sizes! These are knee length and fabulous for working from home on this dank day. Today seems all the more dreary because I’m not surrounded by happy knitters and a sweet-shop in yarn.

My naughtiest purchase was definitely a vibrant skein of Fyberspates Silk Twizzle. It was meant to go on our stand! But when I unpacked the box of our exclusive colours from Fyberspates, there was no doubt that this stunner was coming home with me. My only regret is that I didn’t swipe more of it when I had the chance, but perhaps it will provoke me into designing another good one-skein pattern to bring it to life.

Silk Twizzle: a hand-painted Peacock

Silk Twizzle: a hand-painted Peacock

I enjoyed visiting the Moon Beads stand, tucked behind the stage. I bought some subtly-beautiful Czech beads, which I will save for a special project. I haven’t tried size 5 beads before, so it will be interesting to test them. They have a much big hole compared to size 6 (size 5 are bigger), so I need to decide on which yarns they work best.

Subtle beads in size 5

Subtle beads in size 5

I am insanely jealous of the knitter who went for a sweater’s worth of Juno Fibre Arts Alice sock in Boudoir; that is going to be one seriously beautiful garment. Having petted at it all weekend, I now desperately want to make a sweater in Gunmetal. Or maybe I’ll make a huge shawl in it. I had promised myself that if it didn’t all go, then maybe I could justify it…there is just enough left…my fingers are itching to get it back out of the box. Now.

Did you find new favourite yarns at Unravel? Feel free to gush about it here!

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