Fabulously Fyberspates

It seems pretty apt that following the big Song of the Sea relaunch, that I’m now blogging to tell you all about our Fyberspates yarns for Unravel. Song of the Sea started with Fyberspates yarns and a special new version in Faery Wings has really helped it soar up the ‘What’s Hot’ list on Ravelry this week. It’s been truly exciting to see everyone respond to the new versions that I’ll be bringing to Unravel. I can also reveal, we have something being worked up right now for the show. You’re going to just love this version. Really.

Before I get too ahead of myself though, I should formally introduce you to Fyberspates, shouldn’t I? Fyberspates is an independent yarn company specialising in luxury hand-dyed yarns. Jeni, the Director, has developed two ranges: her hand dyed exclusives and her wholesale ranges. This is a yarn company that loves luxury blends and we’re bringing some real treats to Unravel for you!

Faery Song

Faery Song: delicate Song of the Sea in Faery Wings

So we might as well start with Song of the Sea seeing it’s so hot right now, shouldn’t we? The NEW revised pattern incorporates options for Lace Weight right through to DK so we’re sure you can find something to tempt you. Fancy making it in DK? No problem, we’ve got Scrumptious High Twist DK with BFL. Fingering? Vivacious 4ply is right there! Both these options are yarns with fantastic stitch definition to show off those art deco waves of the cowl.

However, if you’re looking for something with a halo, that’s just a little bit more kitten like around your neck, we’ve got that covered too. We’re bringing this Faery Wings sample to tempt you with and it’s a beauty. Faery Wings is a 4ply weight yarn that is a soft silk and mohair blend that knits up with a soft silky halo. The exact breakdown is 67% Silk, 23% Kid Mohair, and 10% Nylon, and its’ siren song has led to an explosion in Faery Wings samples! We’ll have some purple and plum options, plus silvers and turquoises for you to drool over. It’s lucky there’s single and double skein patterns for you to choose from!

We’ve got a FoolProof worked up in two colourways: Purple Rain and Inky Purple, to show you just how beautifully two skeins of solid colours stripe together…..

Foolproof Faery Wings

Foolproof Faery Wings

….. and then there’s Knit Night too…..

Who needs beads when the yarn is this special?! Jeni’s hand painted Faery Wings is just amazing. It’s perfect for Knit Night; the picots pick out little drops of intense colour from the yarn. As if that’s not enough, don’t forget that there’s that brand new sample that you’ll just have to come and see. It’s going to be amazing. You’re going to have to take my word on that.

Faery Knit Night

Faery Knit Night

In contrast, there’s the smooth twist and definition of the Vivacious 4ply to consider and we’ve got just the set for this yarn. Leave it to Me and Leave these to Me are a beautiful hat and mitten set that perfectly showcase a rich hand dye that works up into a smooth and pleasing fabric.

Leave it to Me

Leave it to Me

Leave it to Me is an irresistible hat is embossed with elegant leaves. To make it extra special, details are picked out with pretty beads. The matching mitts, Leave these to Me are embossed with little leaves and embellished with beads. Special details include pretty transitions from the rib borders to the mitt itself…and don’t miss the little leaf “growing” up the thumb.

Leave these to Me

Leave these to Me

The beautiful semi-solid yarn is shown off to great effect by details worked through the back loop. Vivacious 4ply is a high twist Superwash 100% Merino yarn which means it’s soft but durable for hard working accessories. The high twist in the yarn is just perfect for mitts, hats…. And cowls….

Yes, High Twist is a theme we love in Fyberspates yarns and used the High Twist Scrumptious DK to dazzling effect for this Song of the Sea sample. We’re really quite in love with Song of the Sea as it seems like the perfect vehicle for shining semi-solids; Fyberspates real speciality. This is a full-on-glamour cowl that is as cosy as it is stylish.


Song of the Sea: High Twist Scrumptious DK

Song of the Sea: High Twist Scrumptious DK

It’s probably worth noting that three of my patterns, Foolproof, Knit Night and Stay Awhile, can be made in anything…so you could make these in any of Jeni’s yarns that I’ll have on the stand. E.g. want to make Foolproof in Vivacious? Yes you can (and it’d be a nice option). See? We’ve just left the tricky bit, deciding which yarn with which pattern, up to you!

I keep alluding to beads, so before I sign off I should break down what we’re bringing to the show! They’re size 6/0 beads, so they’re perfect for 4ply/fingering. They will be £1.50 per 10g bag (approx 140 beads), or £1 per bag if you’re buying them for a kit. Never added beads to your knitting before? Don’t worry; it’s surprisingly easy. We can show you on the stand how to add beads with a crochet hook. We’ll have a free info sheet, with a clear photo-tutorial to take you through the steps, so you can remind yourself when you get home. You’ll only need one bag for leaf mitts or the hat. We have beads to co-ordinate with all of the beautiful yarn colours.

As if that wasn’t enough, I’m going to leave you with a last little teaser of something else we’re working on to showcase! We’re bringing Twizzle Silk, Fyberspates Merino/Silk Singles base. This is a lustrous hand painted yarn that gives soft rippling waves. With beads, Twizzle will make your knitting super special. It’s perfect for a day-to-evening Knit Night. Keep an eye on our Unravel Inspiration Pinterest board for photos of the final few samples, as soon as they come off the blocking mat.

Not long now!

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