Stay Awhile

Stay Awhile

Stay Awhile

I was actually trying to make a garter stitch shawl. Luckily (with glorious hindsight) it didn’t work. It went in two different directions. One direction became Knit Night; a garter stitch scarf. The other direction became Stay Awhile; a completely reversible shawl with a curious construction. It’s easy to wear and easy to make. It’s perfect for when you’re going to Stay Awhile and need more than a little Knit Night project.

Any yarn can be used in any gauge, from a heavy laceweight through fingering, right up to worsted or aran. If you use a lightweight yarn, optional beads can be added to the picot edging, highlighting the different colours you’ve chosen (pictured right).

This is a straightforward project, ideal for showing off two hand-dyed yarns. It also looks fantastic made in one colour – simply alternate your skeins where instructed to stripe.

Stay Awhile DK

Simply beautiful in Scrumptious Vivacious DK, without beads.

The simplest unbeaded version is suitable for a novice – the only skills you need are knit, cast on and bind off. It’s a great chance for a novice to make a larger project without it getting complicated. And in a heavier weight yarn, such as worsted, aran or above, it needn’t take a daunting length of time.

The details of all the samples shown are in a pdf download with the pattern on Ravelry. If you want to see the details now, you can download Stay Awhile sample details pdf here: stay awhile sample details v1

Lastly, there’s 20% off the £3 list price with coupon code blognight until 21st September 2013. Alternatively, get it along with Knit Night in the ebook Knit with us Awhile for just £4.

So that you’ve got time to choose your yarn, we’ll be running a knitalong in our Inspiration Knits Ravelry group throughout October. Come and join us: Stay Awhile.

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