Knit Night

Knit Night

Knit Night in Whimzy Silkie & beaded

I’ve been too busy designing to blog. I will catch up soon, I hope, and share that design process.

Right now, I just need to cut to the chase and explain that I really wanted to design a project that I could make whilst chatting to my friends at knit night. After a couple of diversions into things that didn’t quite fit the bill, I hit on this idea.

It’s a shallow triangle-scarf. Garter stitch. All the action is at the start of the row so it’s easy to get it right. And after two setup rows, the main pattern is just one row. Easy to memorise? You bet.

I don’t know about you, but I also like to knit nice things at knit night. Dodgy acrylic needs to be knit under cover of darkness, not out in public, lest we put someone off starting knitting altogether. And I like a bit of glamour if I’m out without the kids!

Knit Night Wollmeise

Wollmeise, with beads to pick out the variegated colours

I find garter stitch is great for showing off hand-dyed yarns. The picots along the outside edge pick out pretty drops of each shade in the yarn. Worked from the bottom up, you keep going until it is as long as you desire, or until you run out of yarn.

I like flexibility in my patterns. Choices. Opportunities for customisation. Make it mine. Make it yours. I found my test knitters to be no different and they are more than willing to make suggestions about what they’d like. And I love to include these in the pattern too. I think this time my testers need an extra huge thank-you because they spurred me on to include lots of options for everyone – basically, the options they’d like to see in the pattern.

There is a down-side to this kind of pattern development…they all liked the pattern so much that the sample knitters are on their second and third projects of their own free will! And so are several of the testers. Yes, I warn you now that it’s addictive. Did I mention you can make it in any yarn? Bust that stash, or buy that treat.

The ease with which it can be made also makes it a great gift or travelling project. You can go to town on the yarn choice and beading to move it into the luxury category. Or keep it plain, simple and warm for Autumn.

Knit Night Faery Wings

Unbeaded, easy enough for a novice, beautiful in Fyberspates Faery Wings

The simplest unbeaded version is suitable for a novice – the only skills you need for this version are knit, cast on and bind off. It’s a great chance for a novice to try out a really great yarn, and make a successful project.

The details of all the samples shown are in a pdf download with the pattern on Ravelry. If you want to see the details now, you can download the pdf here: knit night sample details v1

There’s 20% off the £3 list price with coupon code blognight until 21st September. Alternatively, get it along with Stay Awhile in the ebook Knit with us Awhile for just £4.

We’ve a knitalong in our Inspiration Knits Ravelry Group, running to the end of September. Think of it as a virtual Knit Night. I bet you can think of a yarn you’d love to use! Come and join us: Knit Night is for everyone.


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