Angry of Twickenham

I’ve just spent an age writing a lovely preview of the forthcoming Ally Pally yarn event….and now the blog website has eaten my homework complete with zillions of little linkies and photos that I could only add after I transferred my text here. Apparently publishing my post was an “invalid request”, whatever that means. I tried to click on help, which was useless, so I clicked to go straight “back” and my draft was gone. All of it. Every last picture and link.

At least with knitting if it all goes wrong you still have a pile of yarn rather than a blank screen. Which is what I just got. Sigh. Stick to the knitting, I say. Time to go to bed and try again tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Angry of Twickenham

  1. Ugh. Yes. I’ve gotten in the habit of selecting all and hitting apple+C just before I hit “publish”… just in case. Sadly it’s not a very *reliable* habit, but still.

  2. Yeah, I’ve taken to writing the post offline and then pasting the text. At least I have the basic text! It was all the tons of added hyperlinks to loads of yarns/companies/patterns and faffing with photo formatting in the online editor that I’m most cross about…not sure if apple+C would have got all those so I hadn’t tried. Ooh I know, bet it would copy the links OK in the html editor, even if it doesn’t get the pics. Will try that next time in case it works! Thanks.

  3. Nothing in your dashboard/posts? An unexpected autosaved copy in drafts has saved my sanity before. You have my sympathies – Nothing else takes the wind out of your sails quite like computer glitches. . .

  4. Thanks but ‘fraid not. I did get my hopes up last night when I checked drafts and saw there was something there, but sadly it was ancient. Today I am busy printing an unexpected order of patterns for Ally Pally (yay)…so I will definitely get that post up later!!

  5. It is very tedious. At work I have a similar issue with the pop-up blocker. I have everything in notepad (as it trips out the formatting) and I tend to put the web adddresses in there or have the windows open). Luckily I don’t have to worry abot photos.

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