Have it Your way

I’ve enjoyed messing around with the samples, so I thought I’d take them to my knitting group to try out too. They were kind enough to let me take photos. I love that they all look so different on everyone – and all from one starting point.

This is Trust Me, which is made all in one piece but worked back-and-forth in rows. There’s no sewing or grafting, and not even any casting off.

Play with wearing it the right way up or upside down. Arrange it to look symmetrical or off-centre. Fold it over.

The second group of pictures are of Trust Me with a Twist, which is also made in one piece back-and-forth in rows, with no sewing up. This time you do have to do a little casting off, but it has the mobius twist for added fun. There are dozens of ways to arrange the stripes to your taste!

These are perfect to customise to your own colours. Go bold or muted, striking or subtle. What will you choose?

Thank you to Denise, Maggy, Mel, Sylvia, Nat & Emily. And a thousand thanks to Ben for taking the photos of me.

3 thoughts on “Have it Your way

  1. I particularly like ‘Denise, the sun worshipper’. They’re really lovely items and perfect for this time of year. It was good to be part of it, I’m not sure I’m up to the knitting, something to aim for though!

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