Holiday knits

I’m off on holiday for two weeks now so I won’t be blogging until I get back. Hopefully I’ll be knitting while I’m away. I’ve chosen two projects – one is simple and the other very very simple. Perfect – I hope. Now I’m wondering if I need a third project in case I finish the other two….not that this is likely, but maybe there’s a corner left in the car that can be filled with more yarn?

What’s your ideal holiday knit?

2 thoughts on “Holiday knits

  1. Last holiday I took socks for the car, plus whatever I was working on for the evenings. Socks are also good as the FO is small.

  2. Small and straight forward projects, yes! I am usually stuck on a plane and elbow room must be considered when travelknitting. Then, I seem to drift once I arrive wherever; sometimes I don’t knit much at all! (shocking)

    Bon voyage!

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