I am not known for my crochet skills. So imagine my horror when a “mystery knitalong” I joined last year culminated in a “surprise” crochet edging. I had knit each “clue” really carefully because it was the first mystery (i.e you don’t know what you’re knitting) knit along I’d joined. My 4 weeks of beautiful lace knitting was now going to be edged with some dodgy beginners crochet. The hook size was a mystery too.

Yes, I did finish the shawl after some kindly tuition from people who know how to use a crochet hook for more than just a provisional cast on and rescuing dropped stitches. They also had to put up with my constant grumbling about the whole enterprise. However, I think that experience had me close to digging in my heels about crochet. I was so cross I almost vowed never to crochet again.

But now I’ve got this lovely striped shawl design and it needs a little tiny edging across the stripe ends to neaten it off. Believe me when I say I tried every knitted option first. I tried a couple of skinny knitted edgings. I sat in front of an appropriately looooooong youtube tutorial for an applied i-cord edging but it was still too bulky. By now my swatch was looking pretty ragged from all the edging sessions it had endured.

Finally, I caved and looked up crochet edgings. Luckily (for the shawl) I found a lovely tutorial and now I am happy to admit I can do a pretty, neat single-crochet edging. You will find it on a shawl sometime in the autumn. I thought I’d share the the lovely single-crochet edging tutorial from Knit Freedom.

Feel free to share if you’ve found a good tutorial for an edging. Also, I was wondering about starting a technical section on my blog and listing things like this. What do you think? Useful or would you just google/youtube anyway?

2 thoughts on “Edgey

  1. When I *need* a particular technique, I google. But through Pinterest, blogs etc, I tend to stumble upon techniques I hadn’t heard of, or hadn’t thought of using in a particular way, or had forgotten about. So: I do like people to share cool tutorials. Interesting, and potentially useful. (Plus, good to have a personal recommendation that *this* tut is helpful, when there may be many others out there. Google may chuck out a particular tut from a blog that has high google juice, even if that one video isn’t actually all that great.)

  2. The monstrous pink thing had a surprise crochet edging and after investing a year’s work in it some people frogged it! Links to good tutorials are always useful.

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