Life on the Ocean Wave

Song of the Sea

Song of the Sea

Sadly I can’t go to the fabulous Wonderwool show in Wales this weekend. But…my lovely new cowl, Song of the Sea, and it’s capelet companion, Midnight Ocean, will both be there. You can visit them in person, as it were, on board the Fyberspates stand. They will be feeling nicely at home since they are both knitted in Fyberspates’ gorgeous yarns. I’m delighted Fyberspates asked to show them.

Jeni, who runs Fyberspates, assures me that she has lots of beautiful hand dyed yarn for both pieces at the show. Midnight Ocean pattern was written for Sparkle Sock. Song of the Sea was written for her luxurious Rural Charm 4ply (wool, silk & cashmere mix) or for her popular Scrumptious wool/silk mix.

Midnight Ocean

Midnight Ocean

These patterns have had such an exciting start already – Midnight Ocean reached no.12 on Ravelry’s hot right now list. I thought that was thrilling until Song of the Sea broke into the top 5 and peaked at no.4. Thank you to everyone who has commented, favourited, queued or bought the patterns already – it’s great to have such truly lovely feedback. Despite the excitement, I don’t think I’ll continue the nautical theme by breaking a bottle of champagne over my stash in celebration of their launch!

Both patterns are available together in an ebook, All at Sea. And if you’re quick there’s still a discount to be had on the single patterns through the code available on my Ravelry group. You’ll also find a knitalong (KAL) in my group. Do come and join us – I’m even knitting myself a snug version of Song of the Sea since I desperately want one too! That Scrumptious is addictive stuff, it’s so gorgeous to knit.

But to return to the first topic, are you setting sail for Wonderwool? Or are you reading this having been already – if so what did you think of the show? Or do you just want to “comment” on my seafaring jokes!?

2 thoughts on “Life on the Ocean Wave

  1. Wish I could have been there to see them but I was in a very wet Winchester. Just going to go stash searching because I want a snug Song of the Sea too!

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