Midnight Ocean

Midnight Ocean

Midnight Ocean: new capelet

I’ve just designed Midnight Ocean capelet as a change from making triangle shawls. I love how cosy this generous cowl feels, even though the yarn is only 4ply. It stays on my shoulders instead of falling off constantly – no fiddling with it while trying to hold a glass of wine or a conversation.

It’s going to be perfect to wear on chilly summer evenings, and apparently there will be plenty of those in the UK this year. I think it will be great under a coat in winter when the subtle sparkle will be picked out by twinkling lights. In a plain colour the clean Art Deco design would make it wearable on a journey to work. It feels very versatile to me. If you’d like to see more pictures, have a look here.

So, I’d like to know…what do you think of the idea of this little capelet instead of a triangle shawl?

9 thoughts on “Midnight Ocean

  1. I’m very keen on cowls/capelets – much more so than triangle shawls! Much easier to wear. And this is so pretty.

  2. Thanks! I’ve really enjoyed knitting cowls lately as an alternative to a scarf, and wanted to go for something bigger. I’ve enjoyed how this shows off the pattern really well – I always feel like it’s a bit scrunched up when I wear a shawl. I want to see my knitting!

  3. I think it’s genius. They stay where you need them without any extra bits flapping around. There is no sliding off. Any bigger and you end up in poncho territory (which is too much!) I have no use for triangles; give me a circle any day. But then, I have strong opinions on this subject! sits back down on Team Cowl bench

    • Looks like my first comment/question didn’t make it through. I had wanted to know if the pattern included a chart since I follow that more easily. Thanks.

  4. Hi Marcia, I’m afraid your first comment didn’t make it through ’til now because I have to manually approve everyone’s first comment on my blog and I only just saw yours was waiting for me, sorry! Of course yours is approved and thanks for asking.

    Yes, both Song of the Sea and Midnight Ocean have charts as well as written instructions. I known people have strong opinions either way on this matter, so I do like to include both for something like this.

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