Yarn Storming: New York

Gertrude Stein - Cosy in a Cowl

Gertrude Stein – Cosy in a Cowl

It started out as a simple request to photograph two kids’ cowls on her beautiful daughter and culminated in my friend being told by NYPD to “get that thing off the sculpture”. Two of my cowls were last seen on a statue of Gertrude Stein in Central Park, New York.

NYC Rivuletta Cowl

Rivuletta Cowl, New York

This was one of those things that took on a life of its own. I merely asked if my friend could photograph my kids cowls, Rivuletta and Pebbles.

There would possibly not be enough time before she went to visit family in New York so she thought perhaps she could take them with her? Perhaps they could be taken out and about for a little fashion shoot in New York? In fact, why not take the adult ones too – Rivulet and Riverbed?

Junior photographer sporting Pebbles Cowl

Junior photographer sporting Pebbles Cowl

Funnily enough, budgets don’t stretch to closing the streets of New York for my hand knits, so you will have to peer closely to see a well known landmark in the background.

Junior photographer's shot of Riverbed Cowl

Junior photographer’s shot of Riverbed Cowl

The photography budget was a bit low too, but I love this shot by the junior photographer on the team.

And then to Central Park.

Gertrude gets a polish

Gertrude gets a polish

First Gertrude went to hair and makeup; a little polish that I’m afraid to say was more in the interests of preserving the cleanliness of my hand knits than in improving the sculpture’s appearance.

I’m not sure Gertrude would think that what was done was Art, despite her fame arising primarily from her Art collection. But it was certainly fun.

To make your own cosy cowl to yarn storm a statue near you, or even keep yourself warm, have a look in here. The individual designs that visited New York were Rivulet, Riverbed, Rivuletta and Pebbles. They are gathered together in an ebook, Linacre.

Gertrude - an alternative look

Gertrude – an alternative look

5 thoughts on “Yarn Storming: New York

  1. It was only a dusting of tree pollen – I was expecting I might have to deal with much worse! & the park security guy didn’t even look twice at us. He passed us in a hurry to tell off the couple who were smoking. (I guess New York’s Finest was having a slow day, or he hates knitting.) Check out how cold she looked without the cowl . . .

  2. Ha ha! Thanks for linking to your blog – wasn’t sure if I should or not, very glad you did.

    Oooh yes, sending things away for holiday yarn stormings would be fantastic! I’d love that.

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