UGHly mitts

Pattern development 3 April

Design development 3 April

The original challenge from the Fingerless Gloves Fanatics Forum for the April 2012 KAL was to produce mitts with the most techniques, most kinds of yarn, most embellishment etc etc…

This is the version that mere mortals can see- before they are blinded by its garishness.

April 3rd design development

Achieved rib, picking up stitches, garter stitch, crochet, stripes, short row shaping, slip stitched seam, appliqué and reverse stocking stitch. Fibres & yarns added were wool, acrylic (yes, horrifyingly there is some in my stash), polyester, viscose, lurex (NOT bought to knit with but for some long forgotten craft project, honest), semi-solid hand dyed, solid & chenille.

The first pic is from the pattern development session. The furry stuff in the pic is from a friend. Honest. It really isn’t mine and I can assure you the leftovers will be repatriated to her stash. I haven’t quite been able to bring myself to knit that yet. I’m working up to it…

As you can see, I needed a lot of chocolate and a vat of herbal tea to deal with the visual assault.

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