Emperor’s New Mitts: Update

Emperor's Mitts Knitalong

Emperor’s New Mitts Knitalong

I have been blown away by the response on Ravelry.com to my new pattern! I don’t know what to say. I have loved every brilliant project photo, forum post, comment and private message. I am thrilled to be part of a community with such a good sense of humour. There have been so many highlights so I thought I’d share some of my favourites here.

The yarn substitutions have ranged from unicorn breath to fairyfarts, spun snowflakes to troll beard hair. I love the polite, po faced, requests to yarn store owners asking them to stock the necessary Rumplestiltskin yarns. The amount of hand spinning that has been done is truly awe inspiring. I think I would like to avoid a stash of straw myself, since I already have too much yarn, golden and otherwise.

There have been some great pattern modifications for pets – cats, dogs and a cow have now got lovely new mitts. I do concede that perhaps, as one knitter mentioned, they are not so suitable for toddlers since they do tend to show the dirt.

I love how quickly people have produced mitts for all the family, and shared the photos. We enjoyed our family photo shoot for the pattern too. Yes, they will make great lightweight summer mitts.

There have been some very elaborate calculations done to change the gauge for different yarns or projects. Some crocheters have even worked out their own versions, which proved surprisingly easy, and they have been delighted with the results.

A couple of husbands have suggested perhaps the pattern could be adapted for dresses or sweaters. I’m afraid I even offered to write a wedding dress version for a friend today. Strangely, she didn’t seem keen.

There has been speculation about whether I will pull the pattern at midnight. I don’t think I dare – I have so many messages of support and happiness that I don’t want to swap them for people wanting the pattern putting back up. I think it will prove ideal for last-minute gifts for the Festive Season and throughout the year. Update – Ravelry have pulled it down but I’ve put it into the previous post now.

At the top is my knitting group pictured this evening – they wanted to start an impromptu knit along. You can see we are all working on our own versions. I hope you enjoy knitting your own pair of The Emperor’s New Mitts.

4 thoughts on “Emperor’s New Mitts: Update

  1. I found the pattern on Rav yesterday, and thought it was a hoot! Sorry I didn’t see any of the posted photos, etc. Really sorry that Rav took it down – the pattern page was funny with the “you must be the best of knitters to see them” or however it was worded….

    Thanks for giving me a smile!

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