What’s hot right now?


Rivulet Cowl

Well, apparently the lovely cowl I just designed was officially hot last night, at least according to Ravelry. The Rivulet Cowl made the top 20 most viewed patterns list yesterday evening. So exciting! Writing today, 36hrs after I published the pattern, it’s been favourites 89 times, is in 24 queues and I’ve sold some too.

However, it wasn’t such plain sailing with the sample knitting.



I also published Riverbed Cowl and ordinarily I’d be excited about how well it’s doing, since it’s probably the next most popular thing I’ve published! But it did give me a bit of a heart attack while I was making the sample. Ordinarily I’m quite good at estimating the amount of yarn I need to allow for casting off. But since the cowl was going so well, I got a little casual. And ran out with 1 stitch left to go and definitely not enough yarn to wrap around the big fat needle! I did have to do some creative trimming of the cast-on end to finish this up, but it seems to be holding. The lesson is not to use a guess of the width of a kitchen table instead of a measuring tape.


The designs came about from a trip to visit my friend Lin in Chesterfield, which usually involves a walk with her dogs. I was also experimenting at home with some super bulky wool, to see what would work. While out with Lin I saw a pretty stream that reminded me of the textures I was developing. The whole thing came together from there.

Kids versions are in the pipeline since the soft yarn (wool/organic cotton mix) is just perfect for delicate skin.

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