Stick with the knitting

Sunrise Headband

Sunrise Headband

This has been a whirlwind month. First I got hit with a deadline, then my laptop ate my homework, and then I ran straight into another deadline. But mainly I’ve been so busy publishing 4 patterns on Ravelry that I didn’t get round to writing about them! And, em, I also bought a new iMac upon which I am now writing this post.

Helios Knits

Helios Knits

My husband wants to know if I’m going to get sidetracked and start writing about the iMac instead of my knitting. It’s tempting but I’ll stick with the knitting. In fact, there are so many wires in our office it looks like it might be fun to knit them.

Right, I designed a pair of Helios Mitts and a Helios Phone Cosy to go with the scarlet Helios Headband. I’ve also published them all together in a little ebook, Helios Knits. My LYS (Local Yarn Store) Mrs Moon in St. Margarets now has my little samples of these on display, along with the patterns to sell.

Sunrise Mug Hug

Sunrise Mug Hug

I moved on to a related design and made the Sunrise Headband and Sunrise Mug Hug. All this work was celebrated with a well earned glass of wine. My husband wanted to know if I was going to knit some more things to go with the mug hug. He was even so bold (inebriated) as to suggest that perhaps they could rhyme. We came up with the following:

Pug hug: to keep your dog’s tummy cosy in winter,

Smug hug: a mug hug which turned out brilliantly,

Ugg hug: a trim to go round the top of your boots,

Ugh hug: a mug hug which turned out embarrassingly badly,

Thug hug: possibly something to do with a politician and a hoodie,

Slug hug: knitted in copper wire to keep garden pests at bay,

Trug hug: handle padding in case your allotment produce basket is so heavy it is cutting into your hand,

Lug hug: maybe this is what I should have named the matching headband, and

Jug hug: I’m working on the matching cafetiere cosy. I don’t think I’ll call it this unless I’ve been at the wine again.

One thought on “Stick with the knitting

  1. Bug hug – to keep small insects cosy in winter
    Glug hug – to keep your gluwein hot at the top of the mountain

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