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Helios Knits

Helios Knits

My little Helios Headband pattern went on sale on Ravelry a few days ago. I’m thrilled to have sold my first copy! I’m struggling to get my head round the fact that someone who lives in another continent now has the pattern in her hands via the creative magic of Ravelry and paypal. Meanwhile, I’m busy working on a few pieces to go with the headband, plus another little accessories collection.

I’ve asked my knitting group what patterns they’d like and there have been some lovely suggestions. However, my standout favourite was Charlotte’s request for a pattern for a time machine.

Perhaps this request makes more sense when you know that Charlotte has just given birth to a third beautiful baby girl so time is even more precious to her than usual. Perhaps she wants the time machine to give her more opportunities to knit but maybe she’s not quite as knit obsessed as me. Imagine the time to knit endless fairisle sweaters, huge cabled blankets, shetland lace shawls… Imagine having enough handknit socks to be able to wear a pair every day.

Or how about the time to knit presents for everyone I know? Oh, I realise went down that route one year with somewhat mixed results…I’m thinking of the hat that is now a plantpot holder. Maybe it would be enough to be able to knit presents just for those who appreciate the gift of time knitted into a handmade item?

Meanwhile, I’m going to concentrate on making patterns for small items which people will enjoy finishing. I’ll try not to create any monsters that will lurk unfinished in the back of a cupboard. Patterns that knit up quickly, easily and beautifully are the closest thing to a time machine I can create.

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