Siren Song

Siren Song

Siren Song

This elegant shawl develops in beautiful Art Deco waves. Yes, Siren Song is the long-awaited shawl version of Song of the Sea cowl. Continue reading

Knitting season is here!

Following the Wool Walk to Yarndale.

Following the Wool Walk to Yarndale.

Is there any season we knitters enjoy more than autumn? That slow drop in temperatures, the crispness in the air, sends us all running for our stash. We’re eager to find something new and snuggly to cast on and then settle in with a cuppa as the light starts to fade earlier and earlier in the evenings.

With The Great London Yarn Crawl and Yarndale already over (and I had a fantastic time at both – check my Instagram if you don’t believe me!), there are still many events to help us knitters celebrate and the autumn calendar is chock full of them. I thought it might be helpful to do a little round up: Continue reading

Go Team Shetland!

Team Shetland - thank you ALL for such a special day.

Team Shetland – thank you ALL for such a special day.

We had an absolute blast on Saturday, making our way around the Great London Yarn Crawl. Team Shetland visited Wild and Woolly, Knit with Attitude, Fringe, and The Village Haberdashery. We even managed to win the crawl quiz, though that was due to efforts of my team-mates. We’re already planning a Team Shetland reunion later this year.

Remember my preview blog? Here are the photos from the day. Enabling alert! Continue reading

Yarn in the City: London

On Saturday I’m going on the Great London Yarn Crawl, courtesy of Yarn in the City. I’m one of their team of volunteer Yarn Guides – but of course I’ll be browsing too.

And enabling, no doubt. Warning: the enabling starts here. This is the blog post with lots of writing, as I dream of my day out. It will be slightly dangerous, but you can always not click the links. Afterwards, I promise lots of photos and less chat! You might need to look away. Continue reading