Yarn in the City: London

On Saturday I’m going on the Great London Yarn Crawl, courtesy of Yarn in the City. I’m one of their team of volunteer Yarn Guides – but of course I’ll be browsing too.

And enabling, no doubt. Warning: the enabling starts here. This is the blog post with lots of writing, as I dream of my day out. It will be slightly dangerous, but you can always not click the links. Afterwards, I promise lots of photos and less chat! You might need to look away. Continue reading

Juno Fibre Arts – Alice Sock: yarn review

Knit Night in deepest Velvet with plum beads

Knit Night in deepest Velvet with plum beads

We’re still getting into the swing of things here with all the excitement that back-to-school brings but should be back to our regular blogging routine soon.

In the meantime, we were saddened to learn that Asti at Juno Fibre Arts will be closing her doors and no longer dyeing by the end of October. You may remember that we interviewed Asti back in the spring of this year.
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1/1 RX – photo tutorial

I want to share a complete set of photo tutorials for all the special stitches used In a Slipstream of Colour, so here is the final one…ironically for the first part of the pattern, but in time for the Ravelry pattern launch tomorrow!

I originally abbreviated this mock cable to 1/1 RC – 1/1 Right Cross, in the free version of the pattern. But the “C” in this stitch probably should have stood for Confusion, not Cross. This is NOT cabling without a cable needle.

Therefore, I’ve renamed the stitch 1/1 RX – 1/1 Right Crossover, to differentiate it in the Ravelry pattern. I expect it’s really an unvention, but I’ve yet to find it described elsewhere online.

I use this stitch because it best follows the other textures I chose for this design. It’s like a warm-up for the second part of the pattern, which itself is designed to flow nicely into the third section.  Continue reading